Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Conversation with Jack

This is Jack.

Ok.... this is the rest of Jack.

Sometimes he wears clothes, though. And he isn't always on a dinosaur, although I kind of wish he did ride around on a dinosaur all the time, because he's heavy. I get sick of carrying him. But, the dinosaur doesn't walk, so I guess Jack is my very own human sack of potatoes. Jack does walk though. He runs and climbs and is even trying to jump, which is very funny. He doesn't talk though. Not in the true definition of the word. In fact, he sees a speech therapist. She is coming in half an hour. And yes, if you are a long time blog reader, you can add this to the list of Jack's stuff. He had reflux as a baby (needed an ultrasound), he had torticollis (needed physical therapy), he had a seizure (had 100 tests), and they almost put him in a helmet. Yes... poor Jack has had some stuff. Now, he doesn't talk. Except, we had a landmark occasion yesterday. He said "da da." Yes, he is almost 19 months old and he just said da da. So, here is an update of what my non-talker says.

Jack's Language:

Momomomomomom: Mommy

Da da: Daddy

Ssh: Fish, Shoes, or cheese. (Good luck figuring out which, although if he's at the fridge, it's always cheese).

Ah ah ah ah ah: What a sheep, horse or goat says. Could also be a cough. If he has a cold, it's probably a cough.

MOOOO: What a cow says. Typed in all caps because he moos with gusto.

Oof Oof: What a dog says... except Bentley doesn't woof, he howls so apparently it's what a dog that doesn't live in this house says.

Ma: Grandma. Obviously channeling southern accent through.... well, I have no idea, but he would make a Texan proud with his twang.

Uh uh: Any other word in the English or any other language... often accompanied by pointing and subsequent tantrum when one cannot figure out what he wants.

Yep, my baby is coming right along....


Tuffy said...

Will he talk if he starts riding dinosaurs?

Mark said...

You forgot his Monkey noise Oooo Oooo

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mike - I don't know. If carrying him is keeping him from talking, I don't imagine dino-back riding is a good idea.

Mark - True. He does do that.

And, update: Last night he said "Up." This dude can talk afterall!!!!