Monday, June 11, 2012

Karma's Out To Get Me

Today I took all three kids swimming at my neighbor's house next door.  We had a bit of a hectic morning trying to get some errands done and still get over there at a decent hour.  So, we rushed and lo and behold (to quote my high school math teacher... possibly the only thing I learned in Pre Calc was that phrase) it starts raining.  Hard.  Torrential downpour.  Monsoon.  Hurricane approaching hard.  So, I round up the neighbor kids and my own and out of the pool and to our homes we go.  I get them out of their suits and into dry clothes... and the sun comes out.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen.... that's my life.

I realize things can be much worse. In fact, parts of my family are dealing with the much worse and it makes my heart hurt every time I think about it.  I don't even begin to compare my issues to those, so don't take this more seriously than I mean it to be.  I'm just saying.... there's something up in my world right now.  I just have this nagging feeling that the cosmos is giving me the finger... and I don't think it means I am number one!

It all started back when we had a little windfall.  Finally, we had some money in the bank and we used it to pay off the medical bills that were invisibly strangling me on a daily basis.  We had a little leftover and decide to get Mark's car looked at.  He had gone two summers without air conditioning and that is unpleasant at best.  So, we take it in.  Instead of the minor repair we budgeted for... it was toast.  It would take more money to fix than it was worth.  So, we replace his car.  We take what little we had left in savings to pay off my van so we only have one car payment... and we get a nice, simple, commuter car.  Crisis averted.

Then it got hot.  Not in his car, but in our house.  Really hot.  So I call the ac people thinking again that I had enough budgeted for the repair.  But no... in true Lynn and Mark fashion... we need to replace it.  With the money that we don't have anymore.  Awesome. 

Now its cool.  Nice and cool.  So cool that you can smell the coolness even in my van.  Wait...  I mean coolant.  Meaning my engine is messed up.  You get the drift.  Money... more money.  Bye bye money. 

So, that was last week.  Van officially in working order on Friday.  And now....  I just sit here and wait and wonder what's next?  My friend Martin says asking that is the equivalent to saying "I'll be right back" in a horror movie.  You say those words and you're not coming back.  But, I say back to Martin....  I am cursed already, it seems.  What's the worst that can happen?  Wait....  maybe that's going one too far?!?!?!

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