Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Downside to Unemployment...

Can I just tell you the pitfalls to having your husband off of work? Ok, there are the obvious issues of no money and benefits which clearly leads to homelessness and death by untreated illness, but that is really not that bad. The bad thing is that your husband is home. And you are home. And you're both home. All. Day. Long.

I wake in the morning and Mark is home. I go about my day and Mark is home. I prepare for the evening and Mark is home. And, I bet you can guess what is next... I go to bed and Mark is home. He is trying to be helpful and doing things, but here is the problem... he doesn't do things the exact way that I do. To a normal person, that would be fine, but to a control freak like myself.... That ain't fine. Let me give you and example. Last night Will passed on dinner (he's sick, otherwise I wouldn't allow said passing to have occurred) and then he decided he was hungry later. Mark prepared PB&J for Will and of course Jack needed one too. Well, by the time Jack was done with his, he, the couch and I were more grape than human. Mark's reasoning... "Uh... I like the jelly." Well, thanks Mark, but freshly bathed and pajamaed Jack, the new slip cover and I don't prefer being coated in Concord's finest.

Some parts of his current status are nice. I can send him out with the kids whenever I feel like it. They play and romp and have fun, and then Mark passes out by 11pm because he is used to spending roughly 9 hours a day sitting on his fanny. Not anymore, Mark. That means I get kid free time in the day and remote control possession at night. That is a bonus. But, I am pretty sure I would be willing to trade that in for a little spouse free time. Seriously, what do you talk about when you've been four feet away from each other since last Wednesday night??? I feel like there is nothing to say, except a constant need to tell him to shut up because I do not spend all my free time on the phone. Ok, I do, but I still don't need his comments on it 100 times a day.

So, let this be a warning for all of you SAHMs with working husbands. Make sure they have hobbies or play dates lined up if they suddenly become unemployed... because otherwise you'll regret any time you ever asked him for a little "togetherness."


Anonymous said...

I wonder how he feels about waking up in the morning and you're there.
Going about his day and you're there.
Preparing for his evening and you're there.
Getting ready for bed.... and I bet you can guess what's next.... You're there... and still on the d*mn phone.

I wonder if he has anything to say to you after a week of being made quite aware of the fact that his presence is not wanted.
Jack, pajamas and a slip cover will wash clean.
If he likes jelly, let him eat jelly with his children. It's not often that a man has the ability, wanted or not, to spend time with his children on a daily basis like SAHM's so often take for granted.

If you don't ruin it for him he might thank you for it one day.... and that might even give you something to talk about.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Wow... touchy are we? I love comments like this because it makes me smile when someone gets their panties in a bunch over a trivial little something I post on my blog. And, for the record slipcovers don't come clean when smeared with grape jelly. It stains.

Thanks for reading, and when he comes back from biking with the kids I will be sure to read him your comment. He'll be thrilled.. especially about the damn phone comment. Although, I may have to call all my friends first and tell them about it.

Anonymous said...

did ur hubby get a job yet?

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Nope. He's had a ton of interviews and two companies are considering him, but nothing yet. Why? Do you have something.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

He saw that your company is looking for a manager.... maybe he'll go there.