Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Every Cliche Error Has A Silver Lining

I am going to admit it... I love a good cliche. I will toss them about, when warranted, because let's just face it. They're true. It really IS darkest before the dawn. So, why not throw that out there when someone is having a bad day? I am a firm believer that if someone already said it best, just repeat it... thus the birth and existence of a good cliche. But, truth be told... the only thing I like better than a good cliche... is when someone screws it up!

Wes on MTV's Fresh Meat Challenge 2 said: "What I have to do is keep my face to the grindstone." Now, that cliche sounds a little ridiculous even if you're keeping your nose to the grindstone. I mean, why would you want to grind your nose off anymore than you would your general face. Well, Wes, because they mean the nose or sharp point of the knife they are sharpening... that is where that phrase comes from. So really, you are planning to sharpen your face to win the challenge. Good luck!!!

Jake Pavelaskansdasdjn from The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars was explaining his early rehearsal hours and said "The early worm catches the bird." Really? What kind of worm is that? Maybe those out of control, saber-toothed worms in Tremors. Maybe that is the kind of worm he is.

Kenny, or Mr. Beautiful as he calls himself also from MTV's Fresh Meat Challenge 2 was referring to how he has to stay on his toes to keep ahead of the competition and he said "A rolling stone flattens the moss." While I think that might be true, I think normally we refer to it not gathering any. Plus, I am pretty sure he thinks he is talking about The Rolling Stones. Just goes to show that the MTV cast of Mensa members better pray they never have to get real jobs.

Carmen Gonzalez, chef from Top Chef Masters was giving a monologue about leaving her main protein behind on one of the challenges and her lesson learned was "Don't count all of your eggs in one basket." I happen to think it is ok to count them, I just think you shouldn't put them there. Just a thought.

And lastly, Regis Philbin.... the king of the off the cuff comment that doesn't make sense. When discussing his need for a clot-ectomy in his leg he said the profound words "A bird in the bush is worth is two in my hand." Really, because birds poop a lot. I would think more in the bush is better than any in my hands. But, to each his own I guess.

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Tuffy said...

Sports cliches are the best. Just last week Paul Peirce, after his Celtics beat the Cavs said, "I'm just giving what the defense takes me."

That's a quality KU education there.