Saturday, November 9, 2013


Every month I get together with a group of women to play Bunco.  Its a funny thing, because number one, they all joked about me blogging about them last night and now I am doing it  and two, because when I was first invited, I scoffed about it.  I thought it was a game for old ladies and I didn't know most of the other women well, if at all.  I am not a good "make new friends-er" and I was hesitant to join the group.  But, my desire to abandon my husband and children for the night won out and I went.  

There is absolutely no reason why this group works.  We are all women who live in the same neighborhood, but the similarities stop there.  I am a pretty liberal lady, and the woman who started the group is anything but.  Last night's hostess was an animal lover to put it mildly with three rescued dogs, some number of cats and rumor has it there was a guinea pig in the house somewhere.  Others were cringing at the furry visitors as they came by.  There are mothers, marrieds, singles, divorcees, grandmothers, career professionals, stay home moms, public schoolers, home schoolers, health nuts and some are just plain nuts.  But, we come together on the second Friday of the month and we play a silly little dice game of luck and we talk... and we laugh... and we learn from each other anything from recipes to health plans to how to get my new dog to stop pooping upstairs.

It is odd to think that a group like ours could forge friendships with people who have nothing in common, but it did.  We are a melting pot of women who don't get together and worry about competing.  We cheer the other team as they score higher points and the usual female cattiness is left at the door.  Its a weird thing, this Bunco.  Its brought together a group of neighbors and turned us into friends.  Maybe the world would be a better place if there was a little more Bunco going on.

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