Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For those of you wondering, here are a few updates...

1. Mr. Will's wee is perfectly fine. Thanks for asking. And, no... he did not learn his lesson as he was yelling "Mommy, me lotion" again yesterday. Luckily, this time it really was baby lotion, but next time... I predict Nair or terpentine.

2. Bentley "Mouse Killa" Woof found another sneaky rodent in our house last night, proving my mom right when she said you rarely have just one. Apparently Mickey and his friends have infested my humble abode. Luckily, Bentley the Hunter pointed it out yet again. This time though, Mickey the Second met a more untimely demise. As Mark tried to capture it, the mouse fought bravely and tried to escape the cup and in doing so, was crushed by the edge. Mark disposed of the body behind the BP Connect on Rockville Road though, so the other mice won't know. So really, Bentley is the judge and jury and Mark is the executioner. Mice beware!

And lastly, I have two more reasons why three kids is more than enough....

Reason 2: I went to open Will's bottle of chocolate milk that he got in his Wendy's happy meal and unscrewed the cap, pulled off the foil cover and proceeded to shake. For future reference, the order should be shake, unscrew cap, pull off foil cover. These things should come with directions and/or stain remover.

Reason 3: After returning from a trip to Lowe's with Mark, Will and Jack, I pulled into the driveway and proceeded to exit my car and open Will's door to unbuckle him. Only then did I realize that I left the car on. Luckily, I did put it in park.

Now, you're up to date on the life and times of Lynn and the brood. Stay tuned for more insanity and mayhem from the House of Mouse and Children.

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