Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This and that...

I have a bunch of posts rolling around in my head, but I never seem to have the time or the gumption to write them. After all, real TV is back and I DVR everything. So, if the boys give me some down time, I am usually glued to the boob tube and mesmerized by Real World/Road Rules Challenge or Top Chef or some other kind of brain candy... (wait, don't I have last night's Gossip Girl waiting for me. Crap, better hurry this up).

  • Jon and Kate Plus 8. I never watched the show, and now I am starting to wonder if they never watch themselves on TV either, because they have got to see this nonsense and be humiliated, right? RIGHT??? Kate is controlling... wah wah, Jon. So am I and Mark seems to deal with it just fine. Jon stole their money. Kate withholds his parenting time. Jon is moving to New York. Kate wants the show to go on. I just wonder... we've got what Jon's doing. We've got what Kate's doing. Where'd the 8 go? Is anyone looking out for them in this mess? You know it's a bad sign when people start thinking maybe the Octomom should take Kate's 8, because at this point, even she might do a better job parenting.

  • David Letterman. I still love you, even if you've loved half of your staff.

  • Something is wrong with me. I think I have either had a mini stroke or some late onset of mental deficiency, because I am not right. Yesterday, I got out of the car and was about the shut the door when I thought "oh, I like this song." Then I thought "oh, why is the radio still on." Then I realized oh, maybe I should turn the car off BEFORE I get out and go inside the house. Yeah... Tabbi was there too, so she can testify at my commitment hearing.

  • Sarah Palin. Ok, I just wanted to take a minute to laugh.

  • My good friend Jounice is moving to Wyoming, so if you are one of the other people in that state, say hello to her. You can't miss her... she'll be the African American one. Just be careful if you become her future coworker. If she starts to get frustrated, watch for flying trash cans, because she gets those suckers moving!!!

  • And, a quiz. Is this photo... A.) What I look like before makeup? B.) A star-nosed mole? C.) Lady Gaga's newest video costume?


Tuffy said...

That Letterman clip was surreal. I think the audience is still trying to figure out if it's a joke. Regardless of how much sex he's had, he's the only late night show worth watching.

captcha: eciest

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny. I get your sarcasm. I love David Letterman too, and it is nice to see an employee who loves his staff.
Lady Gaga stole the mole's 'Do.

Karen said...

I go with all the above.

And I'm beginning to wonder who HASN'T slept around at this point.

bernthis said...

went out to dinner with Phoebe. Left my keys on the seat of my unlocked car

lice treatment said...

I used to think Jon & Kate plus 8 was slightly interesting, back when they weren't the crazy folks that they are now...wow, are they "enemies" now or what?

David Letterman had a pretty entertaining week fessing up to affairs and whatnot....

Where is the love, the commitment, and stay togetherness anymore? I guess I have the only great marriage these days ;)