Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good Day

Some things are just good. How is that for an opener to a Lynn Blog Post you never thought you'd hear? I am sitting at my desk right now as Jack plays with a flashlight and Will plays with his monster trucks, and for the moment they aren't even fighting. (Note that halfway through my typing of the second paragraph, they started fighting... so it didn't last long). My jeans are wet from the knee down thanks to the slushfest outside my door, my floors are covered in muck (see slushfest previously mentioned), the downstairs bathroom smells like pee no matter how many times I clean the toilet, and my dog won't stop eating cat poop out of the litter box. But, I am typing this with a little smile, because today is just going to be a good day.

In case you are wondering, no... we didn't win the lottery, or cure cancer or discover a way to end world hunger. Oh no... this is bigger. We transitioned little Jack into a big boy bed over the weekend and you know what? It worked. It. Was. Easy. (Pause while I knock on every wooden surface in my house). We put the bed together Saturday (and by we, I mean Mark did while my mom and I took the boys shopping for bedding, a mattress and the like. For the record, my job was way harder). Jack napped in it Saturday afternoon. He slept in it Saturday night. He napped in it Sunday afternoon and he slept through the night last night and actually slept later this morning than he has in a long long time. Clearly, he just needed a full size mattress, platform bed, two cushy pillows and a warm and cozy comforter to embrace his inner sleeper. Amen for that, God. Thanks!!!

Raising kids is a funny thing, because you hit these milestones and then go careening toward a new one at a "break necking pace" (Thanks, Dr. Seuss) and yet you're never quite sure if you should embrace the change or fear it. Jack didn't sleep through the night until he was almost two. Then you hit this age (a mere 5 months later) and see his crib is starting to look a bit shabby, but the fear of "rocking the boat" almost makes you want to go buy a new baby cage, not a bed. You are excited at his growth and at the same time petrified that moving forward will actually seem like moving backward because you run the risk of ruining the "easy" that you've finally reached. He sleeps through the night, he goes to bed like a dream, but now he is moving into this huge vast space and maybe he will cry and run out of the room. Maybe he will wake up 50 times a night. Maybe we will be on the next Supernanny spending 2 hours a night trying to get our formerly easy bedtime guy into bed. Maybe it isn't worth the risk and maybe having a 14 year old still sleeping in his crib isn't such a bad idea. But this time, this one time.... we moved forward and we kept the easy.

So today, not even slushy floors or poop eating dogs are going to ruin my day. Today is just good. Now.... onto potty training....

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