Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pee Pee In The Potty: A Diary (The Sequel)

Back when it was Will's turn to abandon the world's most portable potties, I wrote a blog post about how the first day went. I had no idea what I was doing and logged in my wins and losses throughout the day. Today, I find myself having deja vu as I am about to start the wee wee war again... and this time, with a kid 100 times more stubborn than the one before. I am armed with candy and sticker charts, and I go into battle steadfast in my desire to rid my home of diapers after 4 and a half years of wiping squished poo off of tiny butt cheeks. Insert profound war or sports movie speech here, and wish me luck.

9:03: It begins. Taking Jack to the potty for the first time... and his response, "No.... no no no no no no no no no......" Off to a great start. We go in, after much threatening he sits, we read a book, he sits.... no pee pee appears. But, he sat. He's wearing underwear. He seemed pleased with his sticker on the chart and knows he gets candy from his prize box if he goes potty... so we're heading in the right direction. I hope.

10:02: We enter the bathroom with a pair of Thomas the Tank Engines full of a load he never wanted to carry! Apparently setting the timer for 40 minutes didn't matter, because he number 1ed and 2ed before we went in. Still... he sat on the potty. Baby steps, right?

10:47: Jack runs into the room "Mommy, potty" and points to the wet spot on his grunders. So, good news is that he is telling me now that he's wet. Bad news, he had emptied his entire bladder on the chair prior to telling me.

10:55: As I type the last entry, Jack wets his new grunders. WE WERE JUST IN THE POTTY!!! Contemplating admitting defeat and it isn't even noon.

11:08: PEE IN THE GRUNDERS. POTTY EMPTY. Losing mind...

11: 09 - Now: Jack is managing to coat every inch of this house in pee. Oh wait... not in every inch... the potty is empty!!!

11:48: Jack stayed dry for 30 seconds. Yay for him.

12:12: Jack is still dry. Hasn't peed anywhere, including the potty. Putting him in a Pull Up so I can go and shower. Hoping he'll still be dry. Certain he'll be wet as wet can be.

You may notice that nothing changed after 12:12. That is because after I was finally able to shower AT NOON, we proceeded to the doctor's office (with Jack in a Pull Up so I didn't have to explain to other parents why he was hosing down the joint) and find out that his severe ear infection came back with a vengeance. So, after careful consideration (including my mom's permission), Jack's potty training is on hold until next week. He spent the better part of the afternoon crying about his sore ear, so I decided to cave a wee bit (pun intended). So, stay tuned... potty training will commence when Jack and I have both fully recovered.

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