Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lady Gaga - Fashion Wack Job or Just Smarter Than Us???

You may look at this and think, hmmm.... cannibal mask rejected by Hannibal Lecter? But no! Think of the money we would save on makeup and sunglasses if we just went with this look. Not to mention, why go to the dentist if no one sees your mouth? Plus, hello skinny!!! No diets needed when you can't shove food in your face! This is a money saver if ever I've seen one!

This was a fashion risk, because what if she was seated next to The Phantom of the Opera? You never want to be wearing the same thing as the person next to you. BUT - think of it this way... someone sprays you with acid and disfigures your face and no one will ever know. Genius.

Again, a risky choice. This was worn in Europe where frog legs are pretty popular. One wrong move and you are dinner. And, rumor has it, it's not easy being green, but on the flip side, as a frog, she can move easily on land and in water. I am surprised more triathletes don't wear something like this.

If Minnie was going to finally make an honest man of Mickey, this is clearly what she would wear. Thank you, Lady Gaga, for being a symbol of mouse morality. More people should make a stand for rodent marriage.

Clearly auditioning for role of "psychotic alien" in the next Star Wars. Who can blame her for trying on the costume early?

This leotard may be used as a floatation device. Hey, they say California may fall off into the ocean, clearly Gaga is ready.

I feel a little bad for the lady with this one. Clearly, no one reminded her to change out of her nightgown. But, the good thing is that her pad could leak and you'd never know. If only I had this ensemble in middle school! Plus, those zits will never show through that red lace. Really, this is a puberty miracle suit!

I commend Gag (I mean Gaga) for her ability to be dressed without actually putting clothes on. A money and a time saver. Plus, look at those wings. She could take off and flee the scene of any fashion disasters looming ahead. Quick getaways are a must when one forgets to put on their pants.

Sometimes you have to wonder how clean famous people are. They are often on planes and buses for long hours and sweaty from dancing. At least with Gaga, you know if she's taken a shower recently.

Have you ever seen the movie Anaconda? Freaking terrifying. Gaga never has to worry about snake-induced strangulation with this anti-anaconda knitwear.
Lady Gaga says, "Where do I put my drink? There's no table." Her dress says "pick a hip, baby." Who doesn't want to walk around with their own end table attached?

See, I told you. Lady Gaga is not just some kooky celeb. She is as prepared as a boy scout and as creative as a Martha Stewart. Function and fashion.... golf clap for Gaga. Well done, you.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Imagine being her drycleaner!!
I am concerned about her young boobs though. clearly she has not been told the rule: Keep em' up now, so they will last later. Hers are already fallen and they can't get up.
The red thing? I thought she started her period during the show. Also a middle school nightmare for me. :)
Cute Lynn!

Jenny Brown said...

She is such a pretty girl.......But she ruins it by wearing these ridiculous outfits. I am so NOT into her "wardrobe!!"

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh. My. the furry faced lady's costume was VERY SCARY! All of the outfits were crazy!

Wendi said...

As they say, she's crazy like a fox. Nobody would think about her twice if she dressed like Margaret Thatcher. Or me.

bernthis said...

three words: Don't get it

Marinka said...

Well the good news is that I won't ask her to borrow any clothes.

Karen said...

One word comes to mind. FREAK.

Leslie said...

THAT is how I KNOW I am old because I see her and think, "Wow, that is someones daughter.." lol

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Suz - Seriously! I didn't even think about her dry cleaner. Isn't that funny to think what those people must see from us non-famous folks! I bet that is a funny job.

Jenny - I know! She could be so normal, if she wanted.

Life with Kaishon - I think I have nightmares about the fur face look!

Wendi - True. She is pretty smart!

Bern - Agree!

Marinka - Me either, but then again, I don't borrow many clothes from famous people. Maybe if I had Drew Carey's number. We're about the same size.

Karen - Well said!

Leslie - I say WWTGD? What would Tim Gunn do? NOT THAT!!!!

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