Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Letters on the first day of preschool...

Dear Miss M,

Today I handed over my most precious possession into your care. I only met you once, and it was for roughly 34 seconds, but I am trusting you with my baby. I realize he is three, and he certainly wouldn't allow me to call him a baby, but to me, he will always be my baby boy. Others may see a massively large screaming crazy man, but I see 6.6 pounds of squishy angel that I fell in love with instantly. So, be gentle with him, please.


Dear Will,

Today I left you alone for virtually the first time ever...no Daddy, no Grandma and Grandpa, just you. Alone with a room full of strangers. You were sitting at a round table, waving goodbye so bravely, with a hint of nervousness in your eyes. You didn't shed a tear, and I was so proud to walk out of that room knowing that you were so strong.

You've left the nest, so to speak, and I am so happy to see you grow up. I am also so very sad. Sad to know that the life that you are accustomed to is over. From this point on you will realize that someone other than mommy can fix your ouchies. You will learn that life isn't always fair and people aren't always nice. There will be a moment when someone takes your toy and I won't be there to make that child share or comfort you when you cry. You will learn that sometimes your feelings will get hurt, sometimes you will be left out and sometimes you'll have to deal with that alone. I didn't cry when I left you at preschool today, but I tear up at the thought of what your growing means. It means that I can't keep you from hurt anymore, and that pains me more than you'll ever know.

But, I know that you will be so strong. You are such a loving little man, and while I know you will learn that sometimes things go bad, you will also learn that you can accomplish a million things you've never even thought of doing. I left you at a table about to practice writing your name, and I bet you had no idea what one day you would learn to write. And after that, you will learn to read, and count and share and you will grow into such a smart and wonderful little boy and I can't wait to see you again today in just one hour and fifty-five minutes just to see how much you've grown. I am so infinitely proud of you, and I can't wait to meet the little boy that you are about to become.



Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so sweet!!!!
A new chapter in his life...and YOURS.

ThePrisonersWife said...

this is so beautiful!

today was my son's first day of Pre-K and I can totally relate to how you felt. Like your son, my son has been with family these 3 years, and has now entered a world of strangers. It's hard letting go, but this was BEAUTIFUL!

TexInTheCity said...

OH MY GAWD that was too sweet!
Crap, now I am all emotional and stuff and it's not even MY kid! LOL

bernthis said...

oh, I remember my kid's first day of preschool. She was like, "Bye, see you" and then off to play. Poor thing

Mark said...

Yeah this is me crying at work.

Wendi said...

Oh, that was wonderful. I now have both boys in school all day, and I miss them like crazy.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Suz - I know. I just hope we're ready for it!!!

PrisonersWife - Thanks. It's nice to know I am not the only one feeling this way.

Tex - I'll share him with you!!! You get Friday and Saturday nights... sound fair?

Bern - I know. Part of me couldn't believe he could dismiss me so easily. The other part of me was thrilled.

Mark - You sissy.

Wendi - I can't imagine what I will do when all the kids are in school. Oh God, I may have to get a job! Must start homeschooling!