Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The ABCs of Me

I think I have done myself and those who know me a disservice. For some reason, I am currently viewed as a totally different person than the one I really am. So, I am going to take a moment to let some people get to know me.

You see, I received a ridiculously passive aggressive email the other day, and was sort of shocked by it. In my past life, (when I worked and I dunno... wore shoes on a daily basis) very few people tried to pick a fight with me. Not that I am some tough guy, because Jersey Shore drunken pugilist I am not, but I stand up for myself. I don't back down. And, I am quick with the words. I don't just cower in a corner if someone comes out swinging (verbally... physically swing and I would put a Jamaican sprinter to shame). If someone comes out passive aggressive, I tend to skip the passive and go straight to aggressive. I am not touting these as admirable attributes, because they're not. But, this is me. Nice to meet you.

This is the last of a string of passive aggressive communications that I have received from this person. I blame myself, really, because I try so hard to just be nice(ish). I am polite. I have great manners (when I choose to) and I guess this person isn't close enough to me to know the temper underneath the pleases, thank yous and polite waves. Maybe I should show my annoyance with people sooner, so they aren't fooled into this false perception of me. Maybe when I received the first edition of snark, I should have just "Lynned" her back. But, I didn't. I stayed polite. I stayed professional (if you will) and in some regard, just faked my way through all future correspondence. Until this one.

I am not going to get into the topic of this email exchange or who it was with, but let's just say I was no longer the wimp that this person mistook me for. I responded, and responded with vigor, and a hint of vitriol. I am not proud of the email that I wrote (actually, it was pretty good), but I am not proud of the impression that I must leave people with either. While I wasn't thrilled that my nickname at my former place of business was "Luci" for "Lucifer" since I was so mean, I like to think that my dark side is used in proportional responses only. And I think I would rather be seen as someone strong and self reliant than a weakling that can be goaded, guilted or harassed into subservience. I may not be Satan incarnate anymore, now that I find my time spent dealing with my kids as opposed to challenging bad employees.... but that didn't morph me into a door mat either. I am something in between. I am a cupcake baker, no-shit taker. That is me. It's nice to meet you.


Tuffy said...

oh oh, i want details... :)

Jounice said...

I have known you for a few years and I can honestly say I have never known you to give it to someone, who did not have it coming. So, I say be the cup cake baking, no shit-taking, wonderful person you are. I'm glad to know you!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mike - What do you think this is, a gossip blog? No details allowed.

J - Thanks. That was really nice to see. I miss you!