Monday, February 28, 2011

Miracle at Preschool

In December of last year, I wrote about Will's serious case of stage fright. He was petrified of "performing" in his school's music programs. And today, was his last preschool program.

We thought that this program would be pretty similar to all the others. He would walk in. You would see the fear take hold. He would climb on stage. You would see him fight the tears. He would trample several smaller children in his attempt to seek freedom. You would pay several thousand dollars in medical bills. You know, the usual preschool music experience. But, today.... ahhhh today.... it was different.

Today Will stayed on stage. Today Will stood firm. He was brave. He was committed. He was pissed.

In case you don't know... he is the one in the front row, far left in the orange t shirt cursing my name and punching the air. Here's a close up.... the pixelwhatsos get weird, but the face is unmistakeable.

Will didn't sing a syllable and he didn't do a single gesture (of the choreographed variety), but he stood there. He may not be Elvis, Fred Astaire or that floppy haired Bieber guy, but oh my Lord Almighty, he stood there. Amen to that!


Mandy Leech said...

I'm clapping!!!

Homa said...

OMG...that face is priceless!

heidi said...

Great job Will!!! It's a start!!!!!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Thanks, guys! Mad or not, I was thrilled he stayed up there. I think Heidi is exactly right... It's a start!