Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not Feelin' It

I just called Mark and asked if he could come home from work early. He said that he probably could, and I said, "Great... Like now?" The sad part is, I meant it. I don't know what it is about this stay home mom gig, but there are days where the task is just too daunting to face. Today is that day. I usually don't know why I hit a parenting wall, but today I have some guesses.

1. I went out with the girls last night. I was home by 10:45, so it wasn't a late night or anything. But, I strategically made my exit when Will dumped his glass of grape juice all over himself and his dinner. I find this morning that the spill is still waiting for me on the floor. This could be why I am not feeling it.

2. I thought I put my favorite jeans in the dryer last night. I didn't. In fact, my favorite, second favorite and even 4th favorite once removed jeans are in the washer. Wet. And so I am wearing my brown cords that show my butt crack and are too short. This could also be why I am not feeling it.

3. Cat. Vomit. On. The. Carpet. This could also be why.

4. Cat. Vomit. On. The. Carpet. That. Jack. Just. Walked. Through. This could also be why.

5. In the few minutes that I spent playing Zuma Blitz (oh, how I love that game) in an attempt to un-funk myself, Jack managed to completely dump the following: tool bag, big bin of match box cars, Mr. Potato Head bin and a load in his pants. Our speech therapist comes in T minus 25 minutes. The fact that I have to clean the playroom before I have even had a Diet Coke could be why I am not feeling it today.

6. The cleaning people came last week, and you can't tell. That could be why.

7. In the time it took me to write this blog (which has been 7 minutes), Jack has repeated "I want a cheese slice" 62 times, getting exponentially louder with each time. That could also be why.

8. My last pair of clean socks are too big and keep slipping down my heel and the toes are twisting so that the seam is under my feet. That could be why, too.

9. I would go barefoot, but I have no pedicure to speak of, and trying to clip toenails with a broken hand makes for one jagged little mess of feet. That could also be why.

Usually I have these moods and I don't have such tangible reasons as to why. Today, I know exactly what I need to right in order to turn my frown upside down. But, just because I know what I need to do doesn't make doing it seem any better. And seriously... what part of "come home now" did Mark not understand???

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