Monday, June 29, 2009

Its All In The Name...

I realize that Bernie Madoff is scum. I recognize that he is the criminal and had hundreds of victims that will no longer be able to afford their bentley (and I don't mean my dog) and their kids may not be granted reality shows to depict how truly disgusting their lives are (yes Spencer Pratt, I mean you). Oh how they suffer. And, I am sure some people really are suffering. But, a little reality check here... would you really give your life savings to a man named Madoff? As in "Yes, I made off with your life savings?"

Let's pretend his name was Robin U. Blind. Would you let Robin have all your pennies that you worked (and by work, I mean either married into and/or inherited from someone who really did work at some point) so hard for? Maybe if his name was Mun E. Maker, I would understand the level of trust people put in this guy, but Madoff? Really???

There was once an arson suspect in Indiana named Burns. Uh duh. Guilty. Handing over millions to a guy named Madoff??? Hmmm.....

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metamorphstorm said...

I was still very young (okay, so I was in my mid-late teens, I think, so I was just naive and oblivious to the world) when the Bernie Madoff thing was in the news, and even then I laughed at his name.

"His name is Madoff and he made off with tons of money?" I said, laughing at the irony (and then feeling guilty when I realized he was a criminal).

But nobody I talked to got the joke, until I found your post, so THANKS! I finally don't feel like the only one who got the punchline to a really, really obvious joke (and one of the few simple enough to find it funny).