Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

I am not really a big Michael fan. I love the Jackson Five, and 80's Michael was pretty good. "We are the World" still rocks and I did an interpretive dance in 8th grade to "Black and White." I don't know if he molested kids, and I do think he was a kook. But, he was an icon. An icon of my childhood and my adulthood. Other people have had icons die. Farrah wasn't my generation. Neither was Paul Newman. But Michael was mine. I didn't understand you, but the talent hidden under the oxygen masks and behind plastic surgery gone wrong... to lose that is tragic. Only 50 years old.

Goodbye, Michael. I hope you find the peace in death that you certainly didn't get in life.


Homa said...

I still can't believe he has passed away, totally heartbroken! I had the posters, albums, gloves...obsessed as a young girl, and still love his music. There was something about it, from the first beat he had you captured. He was talented beyond words.

What really hit my last night while watching the coverage was the point where they transfered his body from the helicopter to the coroner's vehicle...he was alone. There was no entourage, masks, fake smiles; just his body wrapped in a white sheet, totally peacefully. I just wish that he would have heard all the love, praise, admiration, respect, and tribute he is now receiving while he was alive...things might have been different?

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

"You are not alone," Homa. He was clearly beloved. It is sad how quickly the bad stuff is forgiven when people die... but it is UNFORGIVEABLE, even when unproven, when they are alive.

Vagina said...
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Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I received a comment from a person who cleverly called themselves "Vagina." Apparently the nickname "Racist Moron" was already taken. I allow and welcome all sorts of comments, even those that totally call me out for being stupid. However, racial slurs are out. So, Vag, consider this your exit from my blog with a capital DELETE.