Monday, July 27, 2009

BlogHer '09

So, as many of you already know... BlogHer was this weekend in the lovely city of Chicago. There was swag, there was food and drink, there was the blogging elite (or bleet, as I am now calling them). But, you know what there wasn't. ME! That's right... let me tell you a little about my BlogHer weekend.

First, let's just put this out there... I never intended to go. I don't got no money for blogging conventions and I do got me some little kids that require my presence at the old homestead. So, my weekend comprised of watching Homa and her boyfriend get into a mega-fight over something even more stupid (or stupider as I typed first) than all the dumber than dumb fights Mark and I have gotten in to. (Seriously, and we once had a knock down, drag out over whether or not you choke or drown on water when it goes down the wrong pipe. Uh huh...almost cancelled the wedding over that one). Then Saturday we didn't do much until I went to my mom's to make an octopus (yeah, another day in the life of me) and after that I was home making a gag-tacular meatball casserole (and I hate me some casserole). Sunday, we managed to mooch lunch and dinner off my parents, so a banner day in my book, but not necessarily swaggy/drunken/blogger fabulous.
Now I am reading tons of my other blogs and getting their take on BlogHer, and I'll admit it. I am jealous. One person I read got to meet tons of other people I read, and I was sitting at home pouring Cream of Onion soup on frozen meatballs. I wish I met those people. I wish I got their swag. Most of all, I wish I was successful enough to warrant my appearance at said convention. The reality is that I don't just want to go to BlogHer... I want someone to want to meet me at BlogHer (insert requisite "oh we would have loved to have met you" pity comment here). I am no Moosh In Indy (although seriously considering changing name to Mooch In Indy and riding her coattails for awhile) and while I am pretty bossy, the reality is I am not BOSSY. So, if I did go to BlogHer, I would have wandered around alone saying (to myself, but not speaking aloud as to remain cool and mysterious but not schizo) "look, its Redneck Mommy" and walking away alone and ashamed that if I talked to Redneck Mommy she'd say "Domestic Who????" So, trips to ALDI and web cam chats with my brother is where I was instead.... but at least that ALDI checker knows my name. (And, my brother does, too). I guess it's time to resign myself to the fact that casserole is how I roll.


Tuffy said...

As big of a computer/social networking geek as I am, I have to say there is nothing about a blogging convention that sounds interesting to me. In fact, just your description of what you "missed" made me think, "aldi's and web chats sound infinitely more fun."

Except that it was in Chicago. I love Chicago.

captcha: vardize

bernthis said...

no need to be famous to show up at the conference believe me. I would have loved to have met you. Hopefully, we will see you next year.

moosh in indy. said...

I was a self proclaimed nobody three years ago when I first went too.
Just sayin'

And I still read your blog title as

And then I always think of bread.

Anonymous said...

next year- next year!!
I can see it now. Pioneer Woman blogged about taking her 2 boys to the Windy City. So can you- only better.
laura the Famous

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mike - Free video cameras and rooms full of funny witty women, the Bleet? That sounds like heaven! Or is that splendor just the idea of a day without kids?!?!?!

Bern - Ok! Next year I will be the one following you around pointing and whispering "Hey, that's Jessica Bern." Don't forget to wave as you have me arrested and the restraining order put into place.

Moosh - Maybe I really should change to Mooch in Indy! Maybe all those carb haters refuse to read me beacuse of the bread issue!

Laura - Uh yeah... I am pretty sure my brood could shut down BlogHer and possibly the entire city of New York!!!

the mama bird diaries said...

I would have loved to have met you!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mama Bird - Oh yeah... I rank right up there with Tim Gunn!!! I think your fabulousness card was booked, but thanks for the compliment.