Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interesting Question...

My Facebook friend Angela posed an interesting question as her status today. Which of the five senses would you voluntarily do without? It was interesting to read people's answers on her page, because someone answered every single sense and had decent reasoning behind it. I answered easily on Facebook and had a great theory behind it... but I don't want to sway anything here. I'll post my answer later today, but for now... what sense would you ditch, if you had to ditch one?
For those of you who flunked... uh... whatever grade you learned this... here's your options. And no, ESP is not one of them.






Tuffy said...

Great, now I'm thinking about this instead of working.

Hearing - I hate the thought of no longer listening to great music, other than that hearing wouldn't be so bad to lose. But it would make the U2 concert in october sort of lame.

Sight - Probably the hardest to function without. No way to be blind and not occasionally rely on other people.

Taste - No way. I'm a fat guy. I like my food.

Smell - Smell influences taste. See above.

Touch - That's called leprosy. It's why the wounds never heal and appendages fall off. Without pain we don't know something is wrong. Not sounding pleasant.

Being a fat guy who loves music, independence, and his appendages, I choose to keep them all.

captcha: knessi

Amie said...

I would have to go with smell. Although everyone says that if you can't smell you can't taste I don't believe it's true...I knew someone who had no sense of smell, and he could still taste. He also wondered why everyone always asked him that question.

bernthis said...

SMELL without a doubt. I could not bear to live without the others

Busy Bee Suz said...

I would go with taste. This would save me many calories in the long run. :)

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

While I think the taste theory is genius, I would have to say smell. My grandma has no sense of smell and I would say she's done pretty well without it. Plus, let's be honest. Living with three boys means there are lots of smells I just don't need to experiece anymore.

Allvira said...

Obviously smell. I also believe in that. If you can't smell you can't feel anything...
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Anonymous said...

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metamorphstorm said...

Sight: I need my eyes. If art is the only thing I can do, I need eyes. That is all.

Hearing: Nope, can't lose that either. Music is all that keeps me sane. Plus, I like conversation.

Taste: I could probably do without it, but then what's the point of eating? I wouldn't, without taste...

Smell: Does it really influence taste? If so, my sense of smell is already kinda shot and food still tastes okay, so smell could go.

Touch: If this means no pain, no restless-leg syndrome, not feeling cramps, and being able to exercise endlessly, I'll lose this one!

Common sense: Never had it! Ha!

Sixth sense: No way am I losing the ability to wake up and freak because something's glowing a foot above my head, or I just saw a person vanish into thin air! I need my psychic ability to counter the fact that I have no common sense and therefore keep me interesting, instead of just dumb! :D