Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Motivational Mantras

So I was reading Good Housekeeping today and there is an article called "Words to Chill By." The premise is that you can relax by using a motivational phrase that will take you out of your stress zone and into Chill-Land. They say that marathon runners do this during the most difficult sections of the race so that they can concentrate on something other that putting one foot in front of the other AGAIN. Now, I know when I run my marathons, I don't usually need that kind of help because my version of a marathon is the kind on USA on Tuesdays that involve Detectives Benson and Stabler doing all the running, but I digress.

Last week was particularly stressful. We had some ups and downs in Preteen Land and Jack spent the week being... well... unpleasant. Our house payment went up $300 a month and while I wish I could say that we live a life where an additional $300 a month is not an issue, but that is as likely as me strapping on some Nikes and running a real marathon. It hurts. And shin splints don't take away your house, you know what I'm sayin'?!?!?! And, on top of the usual day to day "oh my God, why do I have three kids and a spouse and a house" stress, my aunt (who I adore) is super sick and not getting well. The roller coaster of "I think this is a good sign" only to be dashed by a "I think this is a bad sign" updates on her health are unbearable. So, I read this article with gusto. Save me, Rosemary Ellis, and your magical publishing geniuses!

Here are some of their mantras:
  • When life looks like it's falling apart, it may just be falling into place. I like it, but it doesn't really work for my stresses. Money problems doesn't make my life fall into place. It's not like five people living in a box on the corner makes you say "Gosh... this is where I'm meant to be." And, it sure doesn't work for my aunt's failing health. So, thanks anyway.

  • Don't worry about the mule going blind; just keep the wagon loaded. Despite the fact that I don't own a mule, and my wagon is always loaded with Will and Jack... I still like this one. It basically means, some things are out of your hands, so deal with what you can control. Now, as a control freak, I feel like I can control everything, so again... doesn't work for me.

  • The kids will never remember, but you'll never forget. Wha huh???? That doesn't make me feel better at all. I want to forget. I WANT TO!

So, I basically veto any and all Good Housekeeping mantras, but I like the idea. So here are a few from my world...

  • You're only as happy as you let yourself be. A fortune I received the day before my "life ending" move from Iowa to Kansas at age 14. It was true, and I was really happy in Kansas.

  • It is what it is. Hey control freak, you can't change it so shut up about it.

  • Anything can happen on any given day. That's why we play the game. A quote from my mom, said before every single sporting event of my entire life (which could total around 400 million). But, it works for life, too. Anything can happen on any given day. Be open to the possibilities.

  • Sometimes you just need to look reality in the eye and deny it. Amen, Garrison Keillor. Amen.

I think if I am going to wax relaxing, I would pick one of those last ones, depending on my situations. What's your chillaxing mantra?


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am sorry of all the issues...especially your Aunts health.
I think you have learned a lesson from all this, stop reading good housekeeping. ;0
I love your mom's phrase about the game; awesome.
My Mantra?
"Wishes won't wash dishes."
Yep, it is brilliant right?
No matter how hard we wish for something, it ain't gonna happen till we make it happen.
Take care, suz

Anonymous said...

My Mantra: This too shall pass. I don't know maybe that is not a really uplifting mantra to have. Maybe I need a new one.
So sorry about your Aunt.
I did not know you were working!
Laura the Famous

Life is good! said...

i like the last quote about looking reality in the eye and denying it. we are carpet sweeper unders, sometimes it is just best to sweep those troubles under the rug and pretend!

bernthis said...

Yes, denying reality was my thing for a long time. Thankfully, not anymore which is why I am actually happy on some days.

I hope your aunt is at least having a good health day today.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Suz - Thanks fror your good thoughts about my aunt in particular. She could use all the good thoughts we can get. And I like the mantra! Wishes are just like my husband, then!

Laura - I thought about including that one. I am a big fan, except sometimes I don't like it.... like my aunt is sick... this too shall pass... but what if it passes with the outcome that I don't want. I don't like that at all. Maybe instead of a mantra, I need a garauntee from God that she'll be ok. Where do I get one of those?

Life is Good - I think so. Sometimes you just need a break. And, I like to interpret it to mean that just because someone says it's so... doesn't always make it so. Miracles really can happen. Maybe.

Bern - Thanks. I hope so, too.