Monday, August 17, 2009

Never Happy...

I wanted a patio, and now the dog rolls in the dirt left over from the construction and gets covered in the gray dye dust left over from the decorative border and tracks that crap into my house every single time he goes outside, which is roughly 862 times a day.

I waited all summer for the school year to start, so that I had one less kid in my house all day. Now I am already sick of waking up early to make sure she is ready on time and don't even get me started on homework, which is far more work for the parent than the child.

I was super excited for Jack to start walking, and now I am sick of him getting into everything, everywhere.

I couldn't wait until Jack turned 1 and we could quit buying formula and switch to whole milk. Now, I am sick of having to keep two gallons of milk in my already cramped fridge.

I look forward to going to Lori's house to swim on Wednesdays, but when I go I am utterly exhausted from having to watch the boys so closely.

I love going out with the girls for our weekly get-together, but I hate how tired I am the next day.

I was thrilled to get the laundry done this weekend, but now I have nothing to do today.

I wanted a job for extra money, but now if the boys nap at the same time I have to work instead of watching DVR-ed Law & Order SVU.

If my Diet Coke can is half empty, I don't see it as half full.

I hate our poorly manicured front lawn, but I am not willing to get off my butt and do anything about it.

Basically, I have come to the realization that I am never, ever happy. Sucks, don't it.


bernthis said...

are you Jewish? Were you raised in my family?

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Nah... Catholic. Same thing, just with Jesus.

metamorphstorm said...

I'm glad I'm not alone!

My boyfriend's a game-addict (and I do mean it in the sense that he's on the computer more than I'm conscious) and I'm never happy because when he's on the computer, I'm lonely and bored, and when he's not, I feel obligated to spend time with him and wish I was doing the things I was sick of doing while he was on the computer.

My family talked all the time, usually about things they saw on TV or heard on the news, and when I lived with them, it pi$$ed me off, and now I'm not happy because I'm so alone!

I love the peace and quiet, but the volume on my computer doesn't go up high enough.

I love being alone but hate to be lonely.

I love getting out of the house but hate the useless babble and noise of the outside world.

I like to sit and read but hate to sit too long (which I don't realize I have until it hurts) and am picky about my reading material.

I love sweets but feel guilty for multiple health reasons when I have them, but am depressed without them.

Safe to say that I'm not happy either!