Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ode to U-verse 2

Hello Folks,

I am writing to let you know that I might not be around for awhile. (Single tear). I have broken off my love affair with Dominic of AT&T's U-verse... or U-Suck, as I like to call it. Our systems (phone, TV and satellite) all died 5 hours after Dommy brought it back up. Poor AT&T then felt the wrath of Lynn, and if you know me, you know that was pretty harsh. They then sent their "best guy" out yesterday who fixed it all. If I would have had time, I would have written out my feelings for him, too. "Dear Gary, How do I love thee... let me count the ways." Well, Gary, our system died again yesterday four hours after you left. I am not lovin' you anymore, Gar! Then the wonderfully responsive people at AT&T (thick layer of sarcasm) scheduled another technician to come out today between 12 and 4, and its 6:34p and we're still waiting. (OK, we aren't waiting. We are at my parents' house for dinner, which is how I am blogging right now). They do not have U-verse therefore we are currently surrounded by TV, Internet and phones. I don't wanna go home to my practically Amish abode. I feel like I am going to have to churn my own butter soon! Thank God AT&T doesn't run our electricity!

So, tomorrow I am calling crap central to let them know that I am no longer interested in having U-verse. Or, really, I am no longer interested in paying for U-verse to not give me phone, Internet and TV. So, until I get my home up and technology filled, this blog will be dead air. Stick with me though! I am working to get it done ASAP so keep checking, because there will surely be a sonnet for DirecTV or Bright House as soon as they install their wares!

Thanks!!! And see you soon (I hope),


TexInTheCity said...

Oh no! Not churning your own butter!
DirecTv with TiVo saved my relationship. BEST INVENTION EVER.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...


So far I have decided that AT&T is trying to purposefully drive me to insanity a la Adam Chandler and Erika Kane in the 80s episodes of All My Children. We finally have tv, thanks to Dish Network, phone barely thanks to AT&T and rumor has it we get internet back Monday. Thank god, because the withdrawals are lethal!

Sandi said...

It could be worse - we have Mediacom for phone, internet and cable TV - and have frequent times when all service stops. Grrrr! Found your blog tonight and will share a comment in response to your Will and Jack post but anxious to sew right now. My kids are grown and gone but I know fairly well what you are thinking. Since I am a good deal older than you, I have reached Domestic Goddess alumnae status. :-)

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...


Thanks for reading! I always look forward to learning from experienced Domestic Goddesses!