Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Pat,

I am not going to reiterate the stupidity that came out of your mouth yesterday. I am not going to let my blog filled with wit and humor (or bullshit and mental breakdowns) become a platform for your hatred and moronic opinions. My readers don't deserve your idiocy and you don't deserve anymore venues from which to spread your venom. However, I am going to take a moment of my day, one teeny tiny moment, to let you know how completely stupid you are. Then I plan to ignore your existence for the rest of my life.

Pat, a group of people who share this world with us are in trouble. A group of human beings with souls and feelings are suffering. An entire city of this world is gone, and with it, 50 thousand people or more have perished. 50 thousand mothers and sons and daughter and fathers and uncles and aunts and friends are dead. 50 thousand people are no longer walking this earth. 50 thousand people that you don't know, Pat, are gone. Forever. 50 thousand people who could be healers, comforts, Christians, Jews, Muslims, friends, geniuses, caretakers and lovers are dead. And, there are probably more that aren't even accounted for. 50 thousand people, Pat, whose lives were cut short. And what do you do, Pat, in light of this tragedy? You sit in judgement. Not of one. Not of two. But of 50 thousand people that you have never seen, met, talked to or know a damn thing about. And you judge them and blame them. Mother Nature dealt them a cruel hand and you blame them for what.... existing? You spit ridiculous notions of deals with the devil as if this earthquake that killed innocent children is somehow a justifiable punishment. And why? Because in 1804 Haiti became independent from France and were no longer forced into slavery. Those bastards! How dare they fight for freedom! Obviously God must be smiting them 206 years later. That ought to teach them a thing or two about wanting to be free! Gotta wonder, Pat. We fought for freedom from tyranny in 1776 and won... when is our smiting? And, we fought to end slavery in 1862... is God coming for us next?

Pat, the reality is that I don't really care what you think. In fact, I don't really care about you at all. You don't enter into my brain on a regular basis at all. The truth is, I know you just about as well as you know the 50 thousand Haitians that you think deserved to die. But, people listen to you, Pat. With that ought to come some sort of moral responsibility to not feed them a load of shit in the midst of this global crisis. An entire city is decimated and you ought to be spouting ways to help and give and support these victims. You ought to be donating your money and your time to the Red Cross and other organizations because you know what, Pat... that is what makes a Christian. Offer prayers of support, offer outlets to grieve, offer something other than hatred and vitriol and then... maybe then... you will deserve the title of Christian and the following that you've gathered.

With forgiveness for your stupidity,

PS: In case Pat Robertson isn't the only one reading... if you want to help the people of Haiti (a people who've endured more pain and suffering than any community ever should) please text the word Haiti to 90999 and a $10 donation will be made to the American Red Cross. The money will be added to your cell phone bill, and let's just say... if we can afford cell phones and computers, can't we afford to help someone else? I can. And I did.

PPS: or PSS: I don't know which: In case anyone in Haiti or anyone related to people there happen upon my little post, please know that you have my utmost love and support and prayers. Please, God, be there for these people who desperately need it most. (And, if you wanna smite Pat for talking out of school, I won't judge.) Amen.


Tuffy said...

The actual deal made by Haiti wasn't with the devil. I found blog post very interesting in light of Roberston's revisionist history and pathetic theology.

Just Another Southern Girl said...

Delurking to say AMEN!
What a hypocrite. It amazes me how some people claim to be Christian, but will be the first to "cast stones" at others. If I recall properly the bible says something to the effect of "judge not lest ye be judged for in the same way you judge others you will be judged"

mia said...

Thank you for expressing so beautifully what we all think when we encounter this. And how scary for us that these people all vote. This explains the Sarah Palin following!

Julie said...

Thanks for sounding off about this! I'm a pretty non-violent person but when I heard this yesterday, I wanted him shot. Not dead, perhaps, but not able to speak or communicate his hatred ever again. How someone can call themsleves a Christian and spew so much filth is beyond me.
My 2 yr old son is in Haiti in an orphanage. He is ok but his orphanage is going to run out of supplies soon. I've been to Haiti. They are strong, resilient, caring (and mostly Catholic)and POOR. The poverty I saw when I was there in November was appalling. And's just going to get so much worse before it gets better. If I offended anyone, well, I haven't had much sleep for three days and this is the worst feeling in the world. To be so far away from my son hurts my entire body.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mike - That is interesting. Who knew America really was the devil. Apparently terrorists and Pat Robertson agree on that one.

Southern Girl - Thanks for the comment and I think you're right about that quote. Interesting how easy it is for some "Christian" leaders to ignore which parts they listen to and which they forget about.

Mia - Ok, the Sarah Palin part made me laugh out loud. Hilarious... and true.

Julie - What can I say except that I will pray for you and for that lucky little boy who will hopefully be joining you soon. I cannot imagine the fear and grief that the unknown must have brought you and I hope to never ever understand it. Good luck and I will send good mojo your way!