Friday, January 15, 2010

Top 10 Signs that I am Getting Old...

1. My friend emailed me a coupon for $50 microderm abrasion.

2. I went to a new doctor and left saying "is she old enough to have gone to med school?"

3. A much younger friend said she wants to go see Lady Gaga and it was $600. Her sister (my age) said "That's a new set of tires." All the old people at the table agreed.

4. I don't watch Jersey Shore, and I don't want to.

5. My highlights turned out bright pink, and I actually made my stylist turn them red(ish).

6. I am sad that Leno is getting his old gig back because I can't stay up til 11:30 to watch him!

7. I haven't worn anything but sneakers and Uggs since I took off my summer flip flops.

8. My highlight of the week was finishing the laundry.

9. Music, TV and my family are just too damn loud.

10. I was home by 10:30 on Girls' Night Out.


Tuffy said...

1. I don't know what that is, and I'm older than you, so that one is ok.

2. When a doctor causes you to wonder that the next thought is, "Was she cute?" and if yes, "Does she have a ring?" and if no, "You should meet my brother... I bet he likes young cute doctors."

3. That's not old, that's just not being stupid.

4. See #3

5. See # 4

6. That's old. Only old people think Leno is funny. Sorry, can't help you on this one.

7. Old people don't wear Uggs do they? At least they aren't crocs.

8. Old people love laundry, to the rest of us it is a chore... celebrating finishing is a good thing and a sign of youth.

9. Mark is really loud, it doesn't take an old person to think that.

10. That just means all the other girls are old... you can't assume that it means you are.

Hope that helps.

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Karen said...

I related to every single one of those. If that makes me old, at least I'm in good company.

Anonymous said...

The key word is "getting" because you haven't actually arrived at "old" yet. If you were REALLY old your issue with the doctor would have included all the details of your visit ranging from symptons to diagnosis, and on to include medical treatment and meds prescribed. It's what we old people do and we thrive on it. You've got a long way to go, kid.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mike - It's not nice to be funnier in your comment than I am in my most.

Karen - We should start a club or something... as long as it doesn't require hats, red or purple. I am not that old yet.

J.D. - Oh believe me, that part is coming. Everyone will soon know the insanity that is my actual doctor's appointment... so, I guess I am old.