Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Havin' Babies Through A Straw

*To the tune of Sippin' Cider Through A Straw*

The silliest mom (The silliest mom)
I ever saw (I ever saw)
Had 14 ba- (Had 14 ba-)
Bies through a straw (Bies through a straw)

The silliest mom I ever saw… had 14 babies through a straw!

I told that gal (I told that gal)
I didn’t see how (I didn’t see how)
She’d handle all (She’d handle all)
Those kids right now (Those kids right now)

I told that gal I didn’t see how she’d handle all those kids right now.

But she done found (but she done found)
A real dumb doc (a real dumb doc)
Who’d let her have (who’d let her have)
Her own huge flock (her own huge flock)

But she done found a real dumb doc, who’d let her have her own huge flock!

She’s all alone (she’s all alone)
She got no house (she got no house)
She got no mo- (She got no mo-)
Ney and no spouse (Ney and no spouse)

She’s all alone, she got no house. She got no money and no spouse.

And oh my God, (And oh my God)
Or oh those lips (Or oh those lips)
How will she hold (How will she hold)
14 kids on those hips? (14 kids on those hips?)

And oh my God, or oh those lips… how will she hold 14 kids on those hips???

The moral of (The moral of)
This little refrain (This little refrain)
Is have your babies (Is have your babies)
When yer not insane!!! (When yer not insane!!!)

The moral of this little refrain, is have your babies when yer not insane!!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh...did you make this up??? So funny and SO true.
Did you see Octomom's Dad on Oprah yesterday? Very enlightening....

Yo mama said...

You're doing your Grandpa proud in the rhyming department.

WA said...

That is genius. Seriously. Get yourself on YouTube, woman.

Mark said...

American Idol here you come

The Mom Jen said...


Karen said...

You know, I've never heard of Sipping Cider Through a Straw. Thankfully I was able to get the gist of this song anyway. Too funny.

Momo-Mama said...

yeah...I think she's crazy...(the octo-mom I mean)

TexInTheCity said...


Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Suz - Sadly, yes! If only I would use my powers for Hallmark, not mocking new moms!

Mom - I'd like to think so!

WA - If only I could sing! Otherwise I'd hit the American Idol rejects site.

Mark - See rejects comment.

Jen - Thanks!

Karen - Its a cute little folks song.... that I ruined. Ooops.

Momo-Mama - Thanks for clarifying who was crazy.

Tex - You have no idea!!!

Laura said...

Very cute... made me laugh. Octomom is something else, that's for sure. Interesting to think that a female dog has 8 breasts: that fact alone tells me your Polar Pup is better equipped to raise that litter than Naughtya.

Keep doing what you do... I check in from time to time when I need a good giggle!


Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Laura - Thanks for reading and agreeing! It is all I ask for out of life!