Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Life is not all about butt fat"

Last night I was watching the show Private Practice (on Tivo, because God knows I don't have time to watch TV shows at the time it's actually scheduled to be on. I watched 90210 when feeding Jack at 5a this morning). One of the characters (a totally neurotic shrink) made the profound statement "life is not all about butt fat" and I thought that was about the best comment I have ever heard on TV.... except maybe "where's the beef" or "nobody puts Baby in the corner." Those are good too.

Is it not amazing how much time we spend thinking about, talking about, worrying about (in my case typing about) and generally caring about the size of our... insert body part here. Its not just the ladies either... I know that men think about it too. Maybe not in the same "oh my god, he won't love me if I go up a size" way but in a "I need to bulk up the muscle" sort of way. I am a prime culprit, too. I think/talk about dieting quite a bit. And do I do it? Not yet. But by God, I talk about it. Wouldn't it be nice if somehow, we could all just say... you know what... this is me, and I am comfortable with it. And maybe if the character saying that life isn't butt fat was bigger than a size four, I may buy into the concept a little more.

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