Sunday, October 5, 2008

Reason Number 4...

This reason cannot be directly attributed to children, nor did I do anything directly to any child. But, I have to think that since I used to be a semi intelligent person, obviously the addition of children directly relates to the decreases in my brain cells. I am going to call Mayo Clinic shortly and check it out.

Tonight I was driving my Hyundai Tucson home from Sunday dinner with my parents. I drive an automatic, but obviously a man bent on making something simple into something difficult (see past blog entry on topic for details) decided to add some extra options to the standard park, reverse, drive shifting options. On my car, the shifty stick can also go to the right and somehow be driven in a stick shift-like manner. Why? If I wanted a stick, I would drive a stick. Anyway, my dog kicks the shifter into the "drive like a stick" option. Keep in mind that I have never read my manual, so while I know this shifting option is there, I have no idea what do to with it. So, somehow it gets in my head that it is driving like a stick shift, so me, in my inifinite wisdom puts my right foot on the gas pedal and sticks my left foot on the clutch to shift (I can drive a stick, if I so choose Mr. Hyundai Complicated Man!!!). Here' the downside though... I don't have a clutch. I have a break pedal. So, with my husband, three children and dog in the car, I start putting pressure on both the gas and the break. Luckily, we all lived to tell the tale, and we didn't even get in a wreck because it became apparent quite quickly that we were not operating the vehicle in the manner to which we would actually get somewhere. But, I just had to post it as yet another reason why I am losing my mind.

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