Saturday, October 18, 2008


If you ask Will how he feels he always says "me mad." He could be on top of the world (which in his world would be him in a diaper or mostly nakey as he calls it, eating an ice cream cone at a playground with people in animal suits... his idea of heaven) and he will still answer "me mad." If you say why, he will always say the same thing "TabbiJessie bed." Because one day, way over a month ago, Tabbi and her friend Jessie wouldn't let him play on Tabbi's bed. So, he apparently holds major grudges.

Well, today... me mad. I am not going to get into why, but man... I am mad. For those of you who don't know me, I have a temper that is a wee bit over the top. At my former employer, my temper was legendary and something to be feared. When in a fight, I go for the jugular right off the bat so I make sure I win. I have this horrible evil super power to sling insults and arguments at 100 miles per second and it flows out so easily I don't even have to think first. In truth, it would behoove me to think first most of the time, but that would just slow me down.

The odd situation right now is that while I have the utmost desire to let it fly, I cannot. And like I said, I am not getting in to it. But it goes against every fiber of my being to sit back and not let the wrath of Lynn go. So, I guess the purpose of this entry is to let the world know that if my head explodes in the next few days... this is why.


tuffy said...

good for you. we shouldn't bottle things up, but at the same time, learning better ways to deal with it is good.

have a lovely clintonish weekend.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I am a Clinton, so every weekend is Clintonish in my world.