Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh no she didn't....

Unlike my others blogs, this one has a direct audience in mind. Friends, neighbors, family members, and loyal readers.... you may read this, but please keep in mind that while I enjoy your company on this site... this time, I am not here for you.

I am here for the people in the world that have some burning need to speak about a child's behavior when it is... how should I say this politely... none of their damn business. I have been the victim of this occurrence more than once. Here's my favorite example. When Will was 18 months old we took a family trip to the Plainfield Indoor Water Park

(let me give them a hefty shout out, as I love that place and highly recommend it for winter fun to any and all Hoosiers). While we were getting ready to depart, I handed Mark a diaper and told him to take Will into the locker room to change from his swimmies into his dry clothes. Satan, in the form of a crotchety old woman (who I hope reads blogs), says to me "He is way too old to not be potty trained." HE WAS 18 MONTHS OLD. And for the record, Vampira, he still isn't potty trained at 2 years and 4 months so HA! Why did I deserve this comment? Apparently because my 18 month old was teetering off the growth chart and looked older than he was. He still does, so I look forward to seeing Captain Grouchy Pants this swimming season!

The more amazing part of this is that these random acts of meanness happen to my friends too. My friend Laura has two children who also fall into the "giant for their age" category and she too has suffered from the people of the world who can't keep their comments to themselves. And Lori, who I mentioned in an earlier blog, was driven from her dentist's office when a fellow patient felt the need to lecture Lori on how children were raised when she was a child in order to point out Lori's failures. The sad part, Lori said, was that Sophie was actually behaving rather well at that moment!

So, on behalf of Lori, Laura and myself, to all of you unwelcome advisors in the world that clearly know best and can put all of us to shame with your parenting skills, let me just say this. Some day our giants/mischief makers will beat up your little angels so piss off... or when that happens, we may sic them on you instead!


Larry and Jessica said...

My little pint sized mischief maker ALWAYS gets me some unsolicited advice...and sometimes...I even hate the "I know they drive you nuts, but he's so cute..."

Yes, I know he's cute...I look at his cute little face every day...but cute as he may be...he is rotten.

Atleast the big one is cute and remorseful....

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

My favorites are the ones where the person is trying to barely hide their disdain by saying "Gosh, he is a handful." Gee, ya think??? I thought he was sedate!