Monday, December 29, 2008

And then the phone rang...

So, I called my friend Lori today to let her know that we were on for a girls' night tonight. I got her voicemail, so I start one of my infamous rambling messages. It starts with "Hey, its me..." and leads into "yes, Homa and I will meet you at 8:00 at McGuilveries on 56th" and then moved into "Laura may not come because..." which turned into a fully detailed explanation of Laura's broken water pipe resulting in her lack of running water at home since before Christmas which led into the fact that Laura is staying with her mother and while that is right by McGuilveries, her mom is babysitting Laura's kids today and Laura felt bad then leaving them unattended at night, at which point I said that we weren't meeting til late and Laura could even put them to bed and then come over because we'll be meeting right by where her mother lives which morphed into a description of the poopy diaper I was changing because I was having problems focusing on the phone message since it was the largest poop Jack has ever taken in his entire life which randomly caused me to exclaim "what the hell" because I was bleeding, which I then described the cut on my finger and how in the world did I manage to cut myself and start bleeding while changing a poopy diaper, "I mean who does that???? Anyway, I will talk to you later. Bye." After a five minute message, I hang up the phone and go about my business.

An hour passes. And then the phone rang.

Me: Hello?

Random Caller: Hey, Me. How's the finger?

Me: What? (I say rudely, like he is encroaching on my personal life).

Random Caller: Well, I just wanted to check in and see how that diaper turned out.

Me: What? (I say more rudely, like how dare he take up 15 seconds of my precious time).

Random Caller: I wanted to let you know that I can meet you at 8:00 at McGuilveries, I just don't know where it is.

Me: (Looking at caller ID and realizing sheepishly that his number is one digit off from Lori's and clearly I wasted 5 minutes or more of his precious time describing broken pipes, poop and bloody fingers to this person that didn't know me or care about me or my problems.) Oops. Guess I had the wrong number.

Random Caller: I would assume so.

Me: Oops.


Homa said...

For the people that know you and your disregard for the brief detailed message one should leave on a voicemail...this is priceless!

Amie said...

So...did he meet you at McGuilveries?

Jounice said...

I think you should have met him for a drink at McGuilveries just because he had the b*%#s to call back.

Laura the Famous said...

I love this!! and I am famous again, which of course I love too! Was that the longest run on sentance you ever typed?

Crazy Mo said...

ROFL! I think we came off the same assembly line. That totally sounded like something I'd do!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Homa - I left Lori a message and said "Lori, its Lynn. Call me." Maybe I am cured.

Amie - Hmm, don't think so. He should have googled it.

Jounice - True. He is my hero in that regard.

Laura - Yes... absolutely the longest sentence without regard for grammar since grammar school I think.

Crazy Mo - Give me your number, then! I'll see if you appreciate me and my attention to detail!