Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time Out

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post to let you know that I am sick. Its either Ebola, the plague or Mad Cow Disease - the jury is still out. I am pretty sure I have been fighting a bad case of mono since middle school, so it could be a mono flare up. Then again, I diagnosed myself with a brain tumor in high school, so that could be back too. Or, some would say that its the common cold. Similar to that which my two boys and father have been fighting since last week. But because I am pretty sure I am sicker than them combined, I have to go with something a little more serious. Will watch Grey's Anatomy or ER to find true illness. Small Pox, with hidden pox perhaps? Or, I commented on the blog Jennsylvania yesterday... do you think I caught Jen's disease? Is that what they mean by computer virus?

Anyway, I am sick and as such, my brain is on hiatus. I cannot think nor type (I should post this before clicking spell check so you can see what I mean). I will be back tomorrow, unless I don't make it through the night, or feel I need another day to wallow in my bed. Must get laptop. Then even illness wouldn't keep me away. Although, I lack the strength in my fingers to type, so even that wouldn't help. Down comforter calling... buh bye!


tuffy said...

i remember the brain tumor. fun stuff. i think that is likely why mom never believed me when i said i had an ulcer.

Amie said...

You sound like shit. Go feel better!

Anonymous said...

I recommend you take two aspirin, drink plenty of fluids, get some rest ("wallowing" is OK, too), and blog in the morning.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mike - Hey, I had to play a soccer game and attend Sunday School when I had pneumonia. So, I paid the price for crying wolf too!!!

Amie - I do feel better, thanks! Ahhh, drugs!

J.D. - Excellent advice, although I am a day late. I have strep throat, a sinus infection and an ear infection, so the recovery took a little longer!