Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet Brown Dog

Once upon a time, roughly seven years ago, I decided to get my mom a dog for Mother's Day. Our Chow Chow had died about 6 months earlier and much to my father's dismay, my mom was thinking about getting another dog. So, I decided (in my infinite wisdom and love of dogs) that I would make it my mission to find one. Instead of big, high maintenance and mean, she wanted a change... something small easy and lovable. And what fit the bill? Of course... Beagles. Who wouldn't want one? My family and I are pretty anti-breeder, so I combed and other sites until I found what I thought would be the perfect dog for her. Bentley. He was at a Beagle rescue in northern Indiana and his picture what the cutest thing I've ever seen. His ears were the length of his entire body standing. And he had these deep brown eyes... the Grinch's heart would melt if he saw them. So, I called the rescue and arranged a meeting. But, lo and behold... two beagles showed up at our destination. Turns out the night before our meeting, they had a second dog turned over to them. This one was a beagle mix, and while he wasn't the same Beagle perfection as Bentley, he had a much sweeter demeanor. Bentley was wild and rambunctious and house breaking took 6 months. The other dog was a cuddler right from the start. His picture should have been in the dictionary under "LAP DOG." Before he was named, I called him Sweet Brown Dog, because that was exactly what he was. Later, he became KC, after Kansas City where I spent my high school and college years. We adopted them both and as my mom said, KC was an old soul so he went to her house and Bentley the nutball came to mine.

We used to say that Bentley was all looks, but KC had the brains. My mom would joke that KC's eyes bulged out, his legs were too skinny and his body too fat. He looked like a dog put together out of Beagle and Pointer spare parts. But, he was smart. He and Bentley were basically raised as siblings they were together so much, and boy did they act like it. When KC wanted something Bentley had, he would go get another toy or chew stick and play with it until it peeked Bentley's interest. Then as soon as Bent would go to the new object, KC would steal the sought after item and never look back. Poor Bentley never did catch on. And, when then 4 year old Tabbi needed a dog to put in a skirt and bonnet, KC would let her do it, knowing that any attention was good attention. He was a stand by your person kind of dog and would be by your side at all times. Even when you were in bed and kind of wished he was more of a sleep on the floor kind of guy.

This post isn't funny and there are no mice involved, so I am sure you have already jumped to the correct conclusion. KC died yesterday. In my family, dogs are people too so it is no small loss for any of us. His death was sudden and unexpected and even though he was a barker and would snatch food from Will nearly taking off his hand in the process... my sweet brown dog will be missed. And now I am crying and can't see the screen, so I am just going to put up some KC pictures, as dogs don't get obituaries in the paper... this will be his.

Sweet Brown Dog

KC and Will when Will was 5 months old.

KC and Bentley basking in the sun.

Will laying on KC

KC in his favorite chair.

Bye Sweet Brown Dog, KC Basey, Cakers...... rest in peace.


Homa said...

KC was truly a loveable, in your face, kissing, cuddling kind of dog. I know he will be dearly missed, and am sorry you and your family have to go through this. It won't be the same house sitting for one dog now.

Mark said...

Poor KC he will be missed

Amie said...

I'm so sorry...I know how you feel, losing a pet is so incredibly hard. You're making me cry, and I didn't know KC. :o(

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

All - Thanks!!! Its funny... the poor dog had the mange and took sulfur baths, GROSS! He chewed through my dad's chair, and he ran away in a mad dash at near Whippet speeds if he had the chance... but the second he was put to sleep you forget the incessant barking at dead people and he becomes this perfect angel in your mind. The dog who could do no wrong. Funny how that works.

Jounice said...

I am very sorry....I met KC only once but am very sad and sorry for you and your family.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Thanks, J.

Laura said...

oh - I am sad!!!! It is funny how they become saints after they pass. That happens with husbands too. Just so ya know.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Husbands, too, huh? We'll see, Mark. We shall see.