Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Important Lessons Learned on Inauguration Day

1. Just because the future President is walking out to be inaugurated doesn't mean a two year old won't spread Christmas ornaments all over the upstairs of your house.

2. Dogs are smarter than people, because when said two year old is running around the house screaming about how they just spread Christmas ornaments far and wide... the dogs hide.

3. Toddlers poop... whether or not Barack Obama is making a historical speech.

4. Wearing a ponytail for the first time makes you feel strangely perky, and therefore more interested in The Real Housewives of Orange County than the inauguration coverage. (Don't worry... only flipping during commercials as pink extensions counteract the danger of a perky ponytail).

5. While I am overwhelmed by the historical significance of the day... Mark still has the ability to make me gag over his opinion (see comments in case you can't understand this one). Glad to be alive??? BAAAAARRRRRFFFFF.

6. You can only get away with watching so much ABC before your toddler makes you switch it to Max and Ruby.

7. Even if you tell your toddler that the new President of the United States commanded that he be quiet while Jack is sleeping, the toddler will still scream in your face.

8. If you get distracted by the news coverage, your two year old will take that opportunity to spill his chocolate milk all over the homework table so that he can have a "mud puddle" for his trucks.


Momo-Mama said...

I love that my kids are old enough to be at school today and old enough that when they come home they will want to watch the ceremony with me. My lesson learned will be that they will probably get bored and I will have to try not to get irritated!

P.S. I love a perky ponytail...and my whole head used to be pink. I did a purple streak a few months ago and that was fun.

Crazy Mo said...

Love the mud puddles. Very creative! I'm sure you disagree.

bernthis said...

to sum up all these lessons:

Kids are going to do what they want to do no matter what.

WA said...

Oh, I remember those days well.

But today I got to watch Obama all by myself and weep happy tears.

Mark said...

That is hilarious and so sad at the same time, no wonder you are getting more gray hair.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Apparently, it is just another day in the life of a busy Mom. :)
ONE day, you will look back and miss it. (maybe, just a little)
That baby has to keep you on your toes!!!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Momo-Mama - I hope they stayed interested so you weren't irritated.

Mo - Seriously... he is an evil genius.

Bern - Well said and totally accurate.

Wendi - Lucky. I didn't have time to get teary eyed, except for that one time when the diaper stench was overwhelming.

Mark - Yeah, like you don't contribute to it!

Suz - I bet I will miss it one day. Just not today.