Friday, January 23, 2009

Name that Dog Contest

Hello Dear Creative and Wonderful Readers...

I introduced you to our new dog on "Wednesday... What the..." but there is a new development. We as a family (or Mark and I) have decided that we hate the name Missy. She's a good dog and all, but that name is crap... unless your dog is named Missy and then its pretty good. But, it doesn't fit this arctic giant, so we want a new one. We have failed miserably as a family to come up with a name, so I am going to leave it in your capable hands. Keep in mind that Frosty, Snowball and Blizzard have all been vetoed already.

I am going to leave this post until Monday, and ask that you give us any name suggestions in the comments. The name that becomes my family's favorite will be the winner and will get a $15 (cuz I am poor, ok...) Amazon gift certificate. I will ask for your email when you are notified of winning and send you the gift certificate via email. In the event of a tie, we will post our two favorites on Monday and let the readers vote. For you readers who read but don't comment, I am asking you to step up for the good of my dog and click that comment button!

So, send me your suggestions, please! This is a major SOS moment as I cannot yell "come here, Missy" at an 80 pound snowbeast anymore!!!


Lori the Semi Famous said...


Yo mama said...

My choice is Bella. Bella is Italian for beautiful!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have a few suggestions...and I won't even accept the giftcard. Just your undying thanks will be fine:

suzanne (for obvious reasons)
I do like bella too. and kitty. very cute.
good luck.

Venus said...

How about?

tuffy said...

I'll take Busy Bee's gift card. If that doesn't work, then I'll just try and come up with something myself this weekend.

I've always wanted to name a dog "Ditka" or "Butkus," but I'm sure you won't allow that. It could be your only chance at me liking the dog though. Think on that.

SchafhausenHansen said...

Esben's thought was Bulle (pronounced bool-a) which is danish and the first thing he said when i asked him what a big white dog should be named.

My thought would be Skat (which is danish for baby or a loving term to someone) or smukke (pronounced smuk-a) which means beautiful in danish.

or IKEA (sorry the word only brings a smile to my face), Amsterdam, River, Madchen or Elle

We just thought we give you some foreign options. and if you pick one of those names, we wouldnt take the money either-- finding out what you pick will be fun enough.


tuffy said...

ohhhhh! What about a very practical name... Bitch! Just think how much more interesting that would be. "Come here, Bitch!" "Stop licking your poop, Bitch!" "Will, stop tormenting, Bitch!"

Jess said...

Quinn suggested Madison or Polly

PamD said...

I see her as a Sandy! Like the sandy white beaches!!! I could let you borrow one of the many names I call my dog (and she responds to, Lori will vouch for that). BooBoo, Piddles, Snapper,, Skittles, Snoopy and the all time favorite...feesaheetabetabeteeteefeskadeedaboop!! Those are just a few of the many!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I am just throwing Will's recent offering into the mix. He says Ice Cream Sundae. I am not sure we want a three word name, but Sundae may go into the pool (especially since I vetoed Max and Ruby... and I don't mean Max or Ruby... I mean he wants her named Maxandruby). And he also suggests Missy quite a bit. He's special, shut up.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there are very few likeable female names, so I went with several gender neutral choices...enjoy:

Jess said...

Quinn is also willing to give up his suggestion for the baby's name....

Hampster Polarbear

pat said...

I like could call her Bella...CHARLOTTE is frenchy too.

Also I had a friend with a white dog named CHARMIN...fluffy and white!

BLANCHE is also french for white.

CLOUD for obvious reasons.

And then there is plain old LUCKY...which she is because you adopted her!

pat said...

or Isabelle

pat said...

Sorry...last one. BABY

Homa said...

Ok, Laura has too much time on her hands...does Dr. James know she's coming up with names instead of playing receptionist?

Here are my choices, an ode to Sesame Street...
Abby Cadabby
Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes
Smart Suzie Sunset
Curly Bear
Dorothy (Elmo's Goldfish)
Grundgeta Grouch (Oscar's Girlfriend)
Mama Bear
Snow White

And YES, I want my gift certificate!

Momo-Mama said...

Mango likes the name "Lexie"

Momo likes the name "Yuki" (pronounced like pookie with a y and it means snow in Japanese)

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

FYI... Here are a few that were emailed in to me.

My cousin Heidi offered Blanco (white in spanish).

My Aunt Patti offered Coconut because all of her dogs end up crazy.

My friend Nicole said that night that she likes Arctic Blast, and we would call her Abby (for AB).

Marinka said...

Moby Dick. Catchy, no?

Amie said...

I'm voting for Charmin, but I'm throwing some names out there any way.
In honor of Will and Ice Cream Sundae, I still say go with Soft Serve...

Whitey McFluffkins
Jackpot Swashbuckler

I'm sure you'll pick one of those, I mean, seriously, why wouldn't you? After all, an Amazon gift card for me means books you can borrow, so it's really a gift to yourself.

Amie said...

I also wanted to add that in high school I dated a guy named Mike. He had a best friend named Jay. My dad became friends with them (my parents still receive Christmas cards...), and would work on cars with them. He always talked about them to one of his friends who had never met them "Mike and Jay came over and helped me do this or that", etc. One day, my dad's friend met them and was confused...he thought it was one person and their name was Mikeandjay.

Anonymous said...