Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sent to the principal's office

Yesterday Mark and I had a meeting with Tabbi's teacher, the school counselor and the Principal. Her behavior in class is not good, and what's worse is that she isn't even trying when it comes to the schoolwork. She took a standardized test and did phenomenal. But her actual schoolwork is crap. It doesn't add up, so the only answer is that she isn't trying. She is putting forth no effort whatsoever. So, Mark and I were summoned to a meeting to figure out how to get this girl working at the same level of her potential. To the Principal's office we went.

I was a nervous wreck. I don't think I ever went to the Principal's office at Herbert Hoover Elementary and I didn't want to start my visits now. I wanted them to think that we were not huge screw ups as parents. Neither of us know what we are doing, but I wanted to put forth the image of a competent parent. Trick them, if you will. I put thought into my outfit... did I want to look professional and intelligent or stay home mom caring and nurturing? Did I want to do my hair up and hide the pink, or let it down straight and look confident in my uniqueness? Did I want to go in guns blazing with my ideas or be patient, quiet and wait for them to lead me to the answers? I spent most of yesterday pondering what to do. I even gave Mark some last minute instructions. Don't be loud, don't be goofy, don't tell long stories that don't matter, sound smart... be quiet.... etc.

Dr. W, the Principal, threw out some great ideas and Mark and I did a superb job. I went with the "stay home mom, caring and nurturing" ensemble but paired it with pink hair down so that they could see that I was young and fun. We were calm, patient, let them lead the show interjecting only when necessary without accusing them of failing and hopefully convincing them that we weren't failures either. It went really well... we had them totally snowed into thinking that we were smart, caring and good parents. In the immortal words of Rick Moranis in Spaceballs "Ha! Fooled you!"

And then Mark spoke. Dr. W threw out there that Tabbi's focus issues might be a glycemic problem since it kicks in at about 1:45p every day. To that Mark said... "So we should have her eyes checked?" Really.


Crazy Mo said...

All that hard work to maintain a persona and it all goes out the window with one comment!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh had me at the end. That child needs some afternoon snacks. I get the same way when I don't eat (graze)
So funny, how even as adults we worry what the teachers and principals will think of us....mine used to give me spankings.
can't do that now!!!

WA said...

HAHA! I love that ending!

bernthis said...

LOL -- nice going Mark! Perfect!

tuffy said...

I just came really close to spitting my soup on my laptop when I read that.

That would be great if it turns out to be somewhat medical related.

Mark said...

Yeah what can I say it is a classic Mark moment

Carol @SheLives said...

Yeah, my husband decided long ago that should we ever be required to attend any sort of principal-parent conference, he would delegate me as parental spokesperson and conveniently abstain from attending said meeting.

Which makes me wonder whether he might not be smarter than he looks.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mo - I know, right??? Why bother pretending to be smart if Mark is just going to kill it!

Suz - Our Principal is a wee bit short, but fairly attractive. Maybe I will lobby for parental spankings.

WA - I wish I could take credit for it! Uh... no I don't.

Bern - I am so lucky.

Mike - I am glad Mark didn't cost you your laptop! Does insurance cover soup spitting?

Mark - You do keep me in blog posts.

Carol - Thanks for reading nad commenting. Your husband is way smarter than mine. He comes, he speaks, he embarrasses!