Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Wednesday

I usually like to throw a Wednesday "what the..." out there, but this week I have no "what the" to throw. Apparently the world makes sense, at least for today. So, I thought I would steal something from the wonderful world of Facebook... a place that I love to hate.

A few people have sent me notes where they list 25 completely random things about themselves. I have been astounded at what I have learned. My cousin Heidi eats breakfast every day in the bathtub (I had no idea), Tara in Seattle gets the shakes from a trip to WalMart (I hear that) and my friend Amie thinks she is shy (ok, that one I knew). I decided today would be the day that I put mine out there. I am going to just type in the first 25 things I think of when thinking about myself. We'll see what comes up! I welcome you to put yours (or a couple at least) in the comments so we can all get a glimpse of people when they just let the thoughts fly.

1. I am a compulsive fidgeter. (Picture Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with a tick and that is me).
2. I love my boys more than I would have ever thought possible.
3. I hate putting clean laundry away more than any other chore.
4. The smell of original scent Palmolive is one of my favorite smells. Bentley's feet is another.
5. I LOVE to be the center of attention, except when I am with my extended family and then I become quite shy.
6. I hate, hate, hate to travel.
7. I cannot spell guarantee or restaurant without the help of spellcheck. (I spelled both wrong when I typed this).
8. Diet Coke and chocolate milk are the only two things I drink regularly.
9. I have a strange addiction to waffle fries. Mmmmm.... waffle fries. (Sounds of stomach growling).
10. I still have nightmares about college math classes.
11. I secretly enjoy cooking, even though I complain about it and am not the next Top Chef (or runner up... or honorary mention... or cook whose food is tolerable).
12. I really hate my pink hair extensions.
13. I would live in a baggy t shirt and yoga pants if I could, but I never actually wear that outside of bedtime.
14. I don't believe in saving things for a special occasion, but I do ration good stuff so it lasts longer.
15. I read voraciously (thanks to Amie, who I have some books to give back to).
16. I love that Will is so active even though it drives me and most other inhabitants of his space crazy.
17. I have yet to start calling Yuki by her new name... although I do call her MissyBellaYuki most of the time.
18. Italian food is my favorite.
19. Sometimes I feel too embarrassed to smile at something I find funny... and I don't even know why.
20. I am not friends with anyone from my childhood or college anymore. What does that say about me?
21. I hate that longer fuller shirts are going to be out of style soon, and will be replaced with backless bandana shirts or tube tops. Yay for fat girl fashion being in style.
22. I still want a breast lift.
23. I eat dinner food for breakfast (like leftover chili) and I like it.
24. I fear and hate change.
25. I think I really might be the next American Idol, except I fear that I'd really be the next William Hung.

So... what's your randomness?


Kat said...

That was fun! I love the 25 random things. :)

Momo-Mama said...

Fun! I'll try 5 things:

1. I love my Yoga pants and fuzzy socks...I would wear them ALL THE TIME if I could.
2. I am an atheist who frequently asks myself "What Would Jesus Do"?
3. I am a compulsive returner...I buy lots of stuff when I shop an return at least a quarter of it.
4. I have a secret (maybe not so secret) affinity for really nerdy guys...pocket protectors turn me on...
5. The day after my b-day is my favorite day b/c I LOVE me some Baskin Robbins Mint Chip, fudge covered log cake...for breakfast

the mama bird diaries said...

I'm still stuck on that fact that you know someone who eats breakfast in the bathtub.

Great list!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Kat - Its really fun to learn about yourself, since its whatever pops in your head first.

Momo-Mama - I love number 5. I have a habit of having leftover dinner for breakfast. Last weekend I had chili at 9a. Odd, I know.

Mama Bird - That shocked me too, mostly because my cousin Heidi is a mover and a shaker... I can't picture her being still for long enough to take a bath!

Jill said...

We are still friends and I would classify myself as a friend from childhood (perhaps? or maybe high school is classified more as teenage years. I don't know this is too confusing).

Anyway, I also like to eat regular food for breakfast (my particular faves are pumpkin pie and Chinese food, and actually don't really even like breakfast food