Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grouchy, party of one...

I am not in a good mood today. I went to sleep fine. Woke up at midnight crabby. Woke up at 1:48a crabbier. Woke up at 5:56a crabbiest. Woke up at 6:15a crabbiest-er. I guess you get the point. I don't know if its PMS or L-I-F-E, but I am just not feeling it today. I have no reason to feel so crap-a-rific. I read other blogs. I know other people have way more challenges than I do, but today, I don't care. I am in the dumps and even a cuddle from Will hasn't pulled me out yet. So, I am doing a top 10 things that make me crabby today.

1. I am wearing my least favorite jamas (still and its 9:41a). The shirt is not as baggy/comfy as I would like (clearly it has shrunk... it can't be that I have grown) and the glaring florescent pink color is just about enough to make me puke.

2. Seriously, Will. I realize that I told you last Friday that Laura is coming on Wednesday and bringing her baby chicks (they aren't hers biologically, FYI, just from her hens). I know that was a mistake to tell a toddler that something is happening in the future...but come on. It is possible to go 30 seconds without asking "Is Waura coming over?" NOT UNTIL TOMORROW!!!!

3. Jack... king of poop. I know that poopy diaper is worse on you than it is on me... but let's try and go an hour without one? Ok? I have gotten to the point that all I smell is poop. 24/7. Baby poop. (And for the record, I am spellchecking this at 9:59a and you are poopy... AGAIN!!!)

4. MissyBellaYuki. You're a lovely dog. Calm. Independent. Loving. But, my God in Heaven. THAT HAIR! I cannot stand how my chocolate brown couch is turned to white chocolate every morning! I keep thinking you'll be bald soon, but the hair just keeps coming out!

5. Airtron. Really? You can't narrow down my service call by just a little? It really takes you a five hour window to show up? How 'bout this? I will pay your bill sometime between today and five months from now. You just wait on me, ok?

6. Tabbi. That is all I am going to say about that one. When I think about yesterday's debacle, the four letter words spring up a little too freely, and this is a family blog. Ok, I wouldn't really let children read it, but I still will just move on to number 7.

7. My fridge is packed. My pantry is packed. My stand up freezer in the garage is packed. But... I have nothing to eat. Yes... I am an adult version of that kid. Pounds of food and nothing to eat.

8. Mirrors are my nemesis. I look in them and want to do a jack knife into an empty pool. Ugh! Did I say pool, because my neighbor opens hers soon and that means swimsuits and I look like a beached whale. A gray one, because my hair dye that I bought about a month ago is still on the top of the fridge instead of in my hair covering my premature gray that used to be a streak and is now more giant chunk than streak. See numbers two through six for explanation on how that happened!!! And did I mention that I am fat? Yeah, I tend to forget too, until I look in those damn mirrors.

9. Facebook. I need to stop. I check it. All. The. Time. I get sad when I have no new friends, comments or messages... like someone's Facebook page is the barometer of their self worth. I have 55 friends on Facebook. That is probably 50 more than I have in the real world, but some of my friends have like hundreds of friends. So clearly, I am a Facebook loser. Then, I read on my opening page what my friends are saying to other friends and that opens a whole new can of worms. Why are they doing something without me? Why are their "what I'm doing nows" always funnier than mine? Why is Facebook an extension of high school and I am the kid with lipstick on her teeth, standing in the corner picking my nose and wondering why the popular kids won't hang with me.

10. I have a case of the "I wants" and I can't seem to get over it. I want a patio out back that is bigger than a bread box. I want a new computer. I want to be a popular blogger like some that I read. I want a vacation (but I hate to travel, go figure). I want to go take a shower. I want to paint my house. I want new furniture. I want a bigger house. I want new shoes. I want a summer wardrobe that fits, makes me look thinner, and I don't want to go shopping to get it. I want Will to just do what he's told. I want Tabbi to do what she's told. I want the economic crisis to be over so we don't have to worry about people losing jobs and insurance and homes. I want my minivan to fit in the garage and I don't want to have to clean the garage to do it. And my guess is that the only thing on this list that I will get is the shower. And even that is iffy!


Amie said...

I would suggest a girls night out with drinks and waffle fries...but I can't go since I'm moving, and if I can't go then I'm not suggesting it since it's all about me and not you even though this is your blog.

First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being in your pjs at 9:41 AM. Not that I do that or anything. Go put on your pretty sweat pants and you'll feel better.

If it makes you feel better, about a third of my Facebook friends are not people I know IRL, they're people I play PackRat with. See...that makes me a complete nerd, not you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I like Amie's suggestion of the girls night out. waffle fries? great, now I want those too.
We all have our days. Sounds like you did not get enough sleep. That makes us all cranky.
I remember the telling a toddler bit....really, my 13 year old still does this to me. makes me loco.
Dog hair is horrid.
I only have 16 friends on facebook. They are real friends. (well, if you count the 3 blogger friends) But I don't talk to many people day to day anyway...they tend to annoy me in person. ;0

I want lots of stuff too. I think that is normal. You need to get some sleep tonight....tomorrow will be better and plus, the chicks are coming to visit you. :)

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Ugh, I had that same crabby attitude yesterday. Then I got some REAL sleep (both kids slept through the night for the first time in ages) and I'm a new woman.

I hope you're feeling better soon!

And thanks for stopping by Sweet Life the other day!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Amie - True, you are the nerd. I feel som much better now. Although, I'd feel even better-er with waffle fries!

Suz - Thanks for the commiseration!!! I needed that.

Andrea - I think I am finally out of it. Thanks!