Friday, March 20, 2009

Report to Child Protective Services

There is a brother and sister that I am really concerned about. They seem to have almost no parental supervision whatsoever. In fact, I've been watching them for months and have never seen their parents at all. I am unsure of their ages, but I know the sister, who is clearly older, mentioned a seven and a half year old in her class as being very mature, so I assume she is around 7ish. Her brother must be a year or so younger, maybe more. They look healthy and well kempt, but I am not sure the parents worry enough about their personal safety... if they worry at all... since they are never there. Even on the little boy's birthday, they weren't present.

The older sister takes on the lion's share of raising her brother. I have seen them board a bus and go to the mall to buy the little boy clothes. I have seen her bathe him, put him to bed, make him lunch, and clean his room. Seven is way too young to have to care for her brother in that manner. And the brother once went in to town with his little red wagon several times completely alone. He went to the grocery store under his sister's instructions, and did seem capable of getting the items requested and he did report straight home... but come on. Going to a store alone at what must be 6 years old? Just not right.

Occasionally their grandmother stops by, but even that is weird. They seem to work for her, almost. They serve her tea, they put on shows for her. There has to be some sort of child labor law violation here. The grandmother does bring them treats once in awhile, but still. They typically have to provide things for her.

Several of you must know these kids as well, so I just wanted to voice my concern and see if anyone else shares it. If you see them around, keep an eye out. Its pretty clear the parents aren't.


Karen said...

I think there are a lot of kids out there like that. It's so sad. And they're being idolized through the press so much that I fear my kids will run me out of the house in a hostile take-over in imitation.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Are you serious?

Karen MEG said...

This was hilarious. I've always wondered the same thing - where ARE the mommy and daddy bunnies?

Oh that Max, he can't be a day over 3 - I mean, the kid can barely talk!

Working for sure does look that way doesn't it ;)?

the mama bird diaries said...

I'm confused by the bunny picture. Is this a real situation with real kids?

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Karen - Sometimes I welcome the idea of being overthrown. Is that wrong?

Suz - Nope... Sorry. Its a cartoon.

Karen MEG - Seriously, that Grandma is pretty demanding... ballets, tea parties, fashion shows. She's harsh.

Mama Bird - Sorry, was meant to be a joke about the cartoon Max and Ruby. But, it only works if you know Max and Ruby.

metamorphstorm said...

I sat tensely through the post, then saw the Max and Ruby picture, and thought, "Oh, cute, she's making a comparison between real-life and a similiarly-situated cartoon pair of bunnies!"

Then I saw the comments and literally felt my stomach unclench in relief...