Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am pretty sure my kid is a genius. Obviously he comes from brilliant stock (clearly thanks to me), but his intelligence even outdoes my own sometimes. He is a very talented song writer... which means that he will sing a song he knows (Row, Row, Row Your Boat) but to the tune of his electric guitar (When the Saints Go Marching In) which apparently equates to him writing a whole new song. Hello, can we say future Grammy winner? He can also count higher than any other person on the planet (as long as screaming teen, teen, teen louder and louder means that you are still counting). And, most impressively, he has created his own language. Here, bask in the glory of my son's life's work (and by life I mean, today).

MooshyAgain: Michigan (where we are going this weekend for a little trip).

It Sunny Days: What a nice day!

A Digger: Answer to any "what do you want" question. For example: What do you want for lunch? A DIGGER!

Bent Wee: Our dog, Bentley.

Miss-B-Oookie: Our other dog, most often called MissyBellaYuki.

Dog Dog: Hot dog.

Its Good Morning time: Good morning.

I got my dress on: I am dressed (and no, he doesn't really wear dresses... this applies to any and all pieces of clothing he is wearing).

Spider Pie: Any pretend food he pretend gives you when he wakes up from a nap and for some reason hallucinates that his bunk bed is a grocery store that only sells spider pies.

Wanna have sleepover: I have no interest in sleeping in my own bed tonight, so scoot over Dad, I am coming in.

Wanna make with me: Can I help you cook dinner?

My tummy says rumble, rumble: I am hungry.

Tab-Ah: Tabbi, I am sick of calling your name and this time I mean it.

NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO: Response to anything that he has not decided to do on his own, as in going pee pee in the potty, taking a nap, going to bed, picking up toys, stop banging on the computer, stop hitting his brother, stop climbing into the fridge, stop dumping food out of the pantry, etc.

This concludes the first lesson on Wilbanese. The next lesson will cover such things as "Read me story: Tell me a story and make it good or I will make you do it 100 times" and "Squitoes: Any bug that comes anywhere near him and may or may not bite him with uber poisonous, radioactive toxins."


TexInTheCity said...

Ok THAT post just made my day! Too phunnie!

Busy Bee Suz said...

How adorable. I love all his words...and they all make perfect sense...except I can't figure out what A DIGGER is.....

Spider pies sound disgusting though.

I can just picture the: "it's good morning time" in the am...when half asleep!!

she just wants to be said...

LOL.... love the hot dog! My youngest called them 'rot dogs.'

And what is a Digger?

tuffy said...

Let Uncle Mike field this one...

Will loves construction machinery, and wants nothing more than his own construction stuff... so digger is a backhoe...

...not sure why he wants to eat one for lunch.

(had to steal your thunder, i'm too far away to field too many questions, but i could do this one!)

Anonymous said...

Too cute I love Wilbanese. I wish I could speak it better! My kids said 'make' for a long time in regard to helping me in the kitchen. I miss it. Enjoy the Wilbanese!
Laura the Famous

Amie said...

Is that sort of like how Snoop Dog created his own language...?

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Tex - I am glad we could help you have a little chuckle. You need it.

Suz - See Uncle Mike's explanation.... and I agree. Spider Pie is fairly gross, although I always end up pretend eating it.

She Just Wants To Be - What I don't get is that he will say something is too hot. So he can say hot, and sometimes he'll say Dog Dog too hot. So why can't he say "hot dog"????

Mike - Good job. What I think is funny is that he is just being literal. I never say "what do you want to eat for lunch," I just say "What do you want for lunch?" He's like, duh mom, what I want for everything... a digger.

Laura - Maybe they taught him Burkslish and that's why he says it.

Amie - I bet so. I am ok with it unless he starts saying that we should put Jack down in his cribiz.