Thursday, May 14, 2009

Action Jackson (Hold the Action)

I just heard an overly perky dude on Good Morning, America tell a story about some ducks. Or maybe flamingos? Or owls? Doesn't matter. Type of fowl not required to tell the story. Here's the gist... Four (insert bird types here) are sitting on a log. One decides to fly away.... how many are left? Duh... even Tabbi could do that math, right? Three. But no. The fourth bird decided to fly away... that doesn't mean that it did. Mr. Perky Pants's point was that we spend an awful lot of time in our lives deciding to do things, and very little time actually doing them. And you know what? That's me. I am a decider and not a do-er.

I decided to start a blog roughly 7 months before I actually did it. I have decided to start a diet in 2001 that I have yet to actually do. I decided that I would start cleaning my house and thank God the Merry Maids folks just pulled up because that sure isn't happening either. I have decided to put Mark and myself onto a budget that has yet to be enforced. My to do list includes deciding to clean out the front hall closet and my drawers upstairs and its been in existence for over a month now, but that list doesn't have a single check. I decided to help my friend's chiropractic office out with their paperwork and I have not inputted a single thing. I am a really great decision maker, but seriously poor at implementation.

Here's the kicker... Mr. Perky didn't say a word about how to get the decisions turned into actions. Thanks, dude. Way to point out my flaws without offering any suggestions. Although, what is there to say, except get off your lazy rear and actually do something you've decided to do. What a concept. But, let's all guess how much crap actually gets done today?!??!?!


Mark said...

You have a great way of getting things done, you tell me to do it. :-)

Karen said...

I'm good with deadlines. That seems to be the only motivator that I have anymore. It's due today? Crap. Guess what I'm working on?

Tuffy said...

But, let's all guess how much crap actually gets done today?!??!?!I don't know... what did the boys have for lunch?

Rachel said...

are you really me?
because with the exception of the Merry Maids showing up.
What does it mean that my word ver is

just say it out loud.

Jill said...

Well, you've started the blog, so that's a step, right?!

Just Lori said...

Seriously Lynn, I'm really tired of you using your blog to pick on yourself, even if it is funny:) I have ALWAYS admired your decision making talents, as we all know mine suck. But I admire more the fact that when you decide to do something of importance (not a hall closet or underwear drawer), you ALWAYS implement...ALWAYS! The amount of energy you have exerted to "implement" necessary decisions when it comes to Tabbi, Will and Jack is enormous. All of the different tactics when it comes to dealing with Tabbi that you have "implemented" are enough to make the biological mom throw in the towel, let alone a stepmom. The energy it takes to keep up with Will on a daily basis is staggering and all that you are doing, or making sure is done, to fix poor little broken cute Jack is awesome! So what if your sock drawer has mismatches and you haven't returned my stuff out of the front closet! Your kids are getting the best part of your decision making/implementing talents and they deserve it much more than your house does.

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Hmmmm, I wonder. I'm supposed to be working but instead I'm blogging and hanging out on twitter. So... I've got no answers for you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are something...picking yourself apart. You are doing are raising kids, taking care of a husband and cooking. Wait, you are feeding them all aren't you? That is a lot.
Try to make a list for yourself. Do one of those projects each week and you will feel gobs better. Really. Your head will become so enlarged with pride you will have to get new, bigger doorways.
:) take care, suz

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mark - Not too great... I can't find the kids in the lawn anymore!

Karen - That is smart. Maybe I need someone to give me deadlines. If I gave them to myself I'd know it didn't matter.

Mike - Lunch? They are supposed to get three meals a day?

Rachel - If I am you, then I feel sorry for both of us.

Jill - Right! Maybe I am a do-er... just 7 months behind.

Just Lori - Who put the sugar in your cereal this morning? I don't understand it when you're nice. Can the real Lori please stand up?

Andrea - So clearly, you aren't my answer gal either!

Suz - That is good advice. I will try it and see how many weeks go by before I start the list!!!