Friday, May 8, 2009

Ahhh.... Peaceful Slumber

Last night I was pretty tired. The boys and I are suffering from the plague (which has hit our household about 16 times this winter), and it has wiped me out. Last night I could not wait to crawl into my comfy cozer (Wilbanese) bed and go seepy seeps (Wilbanese again). Let's just say... I am still waiting.

11:00p - Mark returns from CVS where he was picking up my prescription. The door slams a little too loudly. Will begins to scream as if someone is strangling the life from him. We wait a few minutes until it appears that Will's screams for mercy are waking up Jack. We get Will and bring him into our bed. Will decides to take my spot, and stick me in the middle.

11:10p - We decide to watch Grey's Anatomy on Tivo. Yes, when kids sleep you are supposed to sleep, but then when would you watch TV???

12:00a - Turn off TV and go to sleep.

12:15a - Mark's phone starts beeping some sort of emergency beacon loud enough to wake the dead, Jimmy Hoffa, and the tri-state area... Not to mention vibrating strong enough to rival the big one that is going to break California off into the ocean... Not to mention sending a spotlight-bright beam of light onto the ceiling making me wonder for an instant when we moved onto the Boyz in the Hood movie set. It was a notification from Facebook that my brother wished Mark a happy belated birthday. Uh... thanks, Mike. Thanks, Facebook and thanks, Verizon for feeling like that was so important to know right at the moment my brother sent it.

12:15a - Upon hearing the sonic beeping, Jack woke up crying.

12:17a - Mark takes Jack downstairs and fiddles with his phone to change the beeping. Will is woken up by "brrrrriiing bring bring" "beep bop boop boop" "riiiiiiiing riiiiiiiiing ring ring ring" until I yell down the stairs "QUIT PLAYING WITH YOUR FREAKIN' PHONE!!!"

1:15a - Mark tries to put Jack back to sleep after giving him a bottle. Jack decides that he is willing to sleep in Mark's arms... but not in his crib. Much crying ensues.

1:20a - I ask Mark to rock him some more and try again to put him down. Jack decides that he is still willing to sleep in Mark's arms... but not in his crib. Much more crying ensues.

1:45a - Mark picks Jack up and heads downstairs to sleep with him in the big brown chair.

3:00a - Mark climbs back into bed after putting Jack down in his crib successfully, thus shoving Will into the middle and part way onto me.

3:15a - Will, Mark and I are awakened by an 85 pound snow dog flying onto the bed because its raining. With great effort, I pull her off.

3:23a - Will, Mark and I are awakened by an 85 pound snow dog flying onto the bed because it thundered. With greater effort, I pull her off and shove her out of our bedroom and close the door.

3:45a - I am awakened by what must be burglars rummaging through our home. It is really the 85 pound snow dog attempting to dig her way behind the toilet in the upstairs bathroom. Because. Its. Raining. Harder.

4:00a - I am awakened by the 85 pound snow beast trying to claw her way into our bedroom through the door. Because it thundered again. I open it and let her in. She goes to the closet.

4:15a - Will, Mark and I are awakened by an 85 pound snow dog flying onto the bed because it thundered and/or rained again. Repeat several times until roughly 4:45-ish.

5:00a - Jack wakes up crying thanks to the thunder or because he managed to sleep for a few hours and must therefore wake up and inflict pain upon the rest of us. Mark takes him downstairs to sleep in the chair some more.

7:10a - Jack wakes up in his crib and decides it is "Good Morning Time" (Wilbanese again).

Is it wrong to want a nap at 8:11 in the morning???


Mouthy Housewife said...

OMG- woken up by a message from Facebook? i'd have lost my mind

Momo-Mama said...

Ouch...that sounds painful! I hate sleepless nights...especially the ones where you really want to sleep!

Homa said...

And I was complaining about 6 hours of sleep...nevermind!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a nightmare night for you all.
You deserve a nice long nap.
Any cough medicine in the house???
Take care, suz

Crazy Mo said...

Yeah. Been there. Done that. At least the phone part. I've learned to at least put it on silent, if not turn it off completely when I go to bed. I get an email notification if someone comments on my blog (yeah, I'm obsessed that way) which comes up on my Blackberry. You'd be surprised how many people blog in the middle of the night!

I gave you an award. Come on by and pick it up.

OHmommy said...

Oh no! Oh no!!!

That sounds SO painful.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Mouthy - Wow... you're all the rage of advice blogs and you're here on my little site. I am so flattered!!! And, I don't blame the Facebook or my bro... I blame Mark for thinking he needed to know if someone Facebooked him the moment it happened.

Momo-Mama - Isn't that always the way? If you're wide awake, everyone else sleeps. If you're exhausted, the world is awake.

Homa - Yeah, best to not complain.

Suz - I was wondering... is it wrong to drug your kids so they will sleep?

Mo - Thanks for the award. If only I was smart enough to know how to post it on here. I do appreciate it though!!!

OHMommy - At what point do they sleep through the night? EVER???