Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Living The Dream...

The moment Will was born, I decided that I was going to be a stay home mom. I couldn't fathom leaving him at day care to return to the daily grind. Oh no... I saw myself as Mother Earth incarnate. I would gracefully flow through my day, filling it with home cooked meals, play dates, arts and crafts and other defining motherly activities. YEAH RIGHT! I should have read the job description a little more clearly. I believe the number one responsibility is laundry bitch.
Exhibit A: My prized possessions. No, its not a play area, its not even a flat screen tv to watch soaps on and eat bon bons in front of. Its these... because they are my tools. The things I do the most.

Exhibit B : Now, my laundry life is not without its conveniences. Like, the laundry shoot. Sure, some people call them stairs. But, I like to call it my own personal laundry shoot. Notice Will working as laundry herder. See, we bond. Some bloggers herd cattle with their children, others... laundry. Consider me a city slicker version of Pioneer Woman.

Exhibit C: On an average Monday, when I didn't do laundry over the weekend, and Will happened to vomit in bed and therefore require that I wash his bedding... the pile of laundry is taller than Will is. And people... Will is tall. Wait! I do fun stuff with Will afterall! He's mountain climbing! How many stay home moms take their kids to do that?

And, in case you were wondering why I leave my laundry in the downstairs guest bath, let me just tell you! The geniuses who built this house made that the laundry room, too!!! Then again, I guess I am the genius who bought the house!

So, in closing, let this be a warning to you, my friends. If you choose to be a stay home mom, specifically of a family of five... don't think you're leaving the laundry room for play dates any time soon. And, if you are planning to visit a family of five and may have to use the restroom.... go before you come over, because there's no reaching the toilet or sink in this house!

I feel like this is a Lynn version of Where's Waldo. Can you see me, or do I just blend into the laundry piles? If I had photo shop, I would have put a little voice bubble coming from me (in the green shirt there) saying "help me!" But, I don't, so I will just write it here. HELP ME! When can I go back to work???


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your laundry chute and the little herder guy. So funny. Yes, this part of the job is NEVER EVER over. I swear last week I saw the bottom of both the hampers; they were empty, there was much rejoicing, for ONE FLIPPIN HOUR. :)
Don't understand the laundry/bathroom idea, but our hamper is next to our toilet. Yes, I multi task...sort and well, you know at the same time. Our work is never done.

Crazy Mo said...

OK. You're gonna hate me, but The Husband does the laundry. I don't have a clue what you're talking about. Can't relate at all.

And BBS ... way to multi-task. You go girl!

Karen MEG said...

Laundry, laundry, the bane of my existence. Can I tell you I was almost orgasmic when we finally bought the front loaders? GAWD!!!

Thank goodness the man does his share... primarily because I procrastinate and he needs his clean shirts and undies. My solution is just to keep buying clothes for me and the kids.

Nice green shirt :).

Love Being a Nonny said...


Love the laundry story!!! I am your KOOZIE swap partner! I didn't see your e mail address on your blog so I thought I'd leave a comment here! Please e mail me your mailing address so I can mail you your Koozie!! I will in turn e mail you MY mailing address!!! conoil@yahoo.com

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Suz - Very impressive multitasking. I've never thought of doing that. Then again, I usually read when doing... that. Thank God I am regular... I just finished the Twilight series.

Mo - I do hate you. But, only a little.

Karen MEG - Buying new clothes all the time... You are a genius!

Nonny - I will find you a lovely koozie and it will be on the way!

she just wants to be said...

Ughhhh.... I hear ya! You should see my mountainS of laundry! It's out of control and it's just me and two kids! I don't know how we do it!

I love your laundry herder, I could probably have one if I let go of the garbage gatherer and the dish doer.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

She Just Wants to Be - I would trade my herder for a dish doer in a heartbeat.