Monday, May 18, 2009

The Bloggerati

So last week, I received an email from BOSSY. Oh yeah, that Bossy. Bossy of Bossy of "I get nominated and win humor blog awards".com. Ok, so that dot com may not be accurate, but she's all "I am a professional blogger who is funny and witty all the time." And... she emailed me. I feel almost famous. Ok, my famousness really isn't fame at all, but in my little home office, on my old school desk top archaic computer, in my red snowflake pjs, I feel a little bit special. Just a little.

I feel special whenever the people that I consider "uberbloggers" stop by. You know the ones... the people where someone actually reads their blog and wants to advertise on it. The ones who even may have multiple blogs because they are just that good. You know... the opposite of my. Jessica Bern of is possibly the funniest person on the entire planet and yet she takes time out of her clever and witty life schedule to drop a note on my Wayne's World "we're not worthy... we're not worthy" little blog. OHMommy of classes up the joint on occasion and she gets, I don't know, gazillions of comments on every single classy post on her blog. I even had a mouthy housewife stop by and say hi before I knew who those mouths belonged to. The professionals stop by and suddenly, I feel a little bit better about my cyber existence. Its the equivalent of finding that perfect black shirt that hides your love handles. The big guys stop by and suddenly, my handles vanish. All 400 pounds of them.

Then again, it doesn't even take the paid bloggers to get me there. Its anyone who isn't my family member, spouse or friend. Those three categories are somewhat obligated to stop by and read... and really, its for their own good since almost every story I tell them starts with "Well, I am sure you read my blog today...." blah blah blah. It doesn't even have to relate. My post could be about saggy boobs and I will say "I am sure you read my blog today about my saggy boobs, but I am going grocery shopping because we're out of barley." So, they save themselves time if they just admit to having read it (which I can totally verify on my stat counter, so don't think they can lie about it). But you who do not know me and will not be subjected to my blog propaganda outside of clicking this site.... you read me. And you come back (some of you, anyway). Others run away screaming like I am Freddy Kruger and they just nodded off to sleep. But some of you are gluttons for my punishment, and I love it! I am pretty sure that is my favorite deadly sin.

So, I guess my post today is a pointless post to say thanks. Thanks for coming into my weird little world and taking a seat. Thanks for coming back the next day. I'll save that seat for you, tomorrow. And, I just wanted to mention... I got an email from Bossy. :::: Glowing. ::::


Homa said...

And once in awhile, we'll throw in a comment to help increase your number count.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What do you need Barley for?

she just wants to be said...

I'm with Busy Bee Suz on the Barley thing, but what I really want to know is where you found the love handle hiding black tee!

bernthis said...

Thank you for the compliment. I stop by here as a thank you for taking the time out of your day to read what it is I hope will make you laugh and I'm glad I've succeeded (at least some of the time)

My friends long ago stopped reading my blog. I used to write with them in mind as in 'will they think this is funny" but no more. My fellow bloggers are the ones I think of now and it makes it so much more fun

Thank you again


Karen said...

Yeh, go ahead and rub it in. I can't even draw nobody no-names to my blog anymore.

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Homa - Thanks for your pity.

Suz - Its a lovely, healthy side dish. Like rice, but not. We added some peas to it last night, and a little garlic and its good to go.

She Just Wants To Be - Sadly, I found a nice one at Fashion Bug. If you have the Bug, you should check it out... super cheap and surprisingly flattering. Who knew!!!

Bern - Ahh... more pity comments. I'll take it.

Karen - Don't sell yourself short. You draw me, and I am the epitome of a nobody no-name!